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    On August 14th the nation of Haiti suffered a devastating 7.2 magnitude earthquake as over 2,200 people were killed and more than 12,000 people were injured.  The quake damaged roads and bridges, destroyed nearly 53,000 houses, and left many without access to drinking water, shelter, or food.

    This disaster hit a country already in great distress.  As one person encouraging prayer for Haiti notes, “In recent years, the country has plunged into deep and abject chaos.  Gangs are taking over communities and committing atrocities, kidnappings are rampant, and the violence is unfathomable.  The social, economic and political structures have seen a degradation never seen before, the rate of inflation is unbearable, and food is scarce.  Plus, Haiti has yet to rebuild its infrastructure from the devastation of the 2010 earthquake, Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and countless other disasters that left scars on the country.  Now, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake has slammed the country” (The Haitian Times).

    Another writes, “…Haitians are exhausted.  Since July 2018, the country has been experiencing the worst political unrest in a generation.  At various points, folks have been afraid to leave their homes for fear of either getting caught in unrest or getting kidnapped.  This is the crisis that led to the assassination of the president [on July 7, 2021].  Folks were worn out already – and now there’s the added trauma of natural disaster” (ifapray.org).

    Haiti, therefore, needs prayer not only for relief from the devastation of this earthquake, but for the ongoing distress the people are facing.  Please pray for many in the nation to look to the Lord for the healing their nation needs, in keeping with Second Chronicles 7:14.  Pray for the leaders in the country to “have an awakening of consciousness that would enable them to use the power entrusted to them for the greater good of the country and its people.”  Pray for the leaders to provide security and law and order.

    Pray for humanitarian relief to flow into the country and for the necessary supplies to reach the people in need, including water, food, medical supplies and temporary housing.  Pray for the Lord’s special provision and protection over children, the elderly and other vulnerable people.  Pray against greed and corruption so that those in authority will not misuse funds and relief materials.  Pray for political breakthrough and stability so that the country can move forward. 

    Thank the Lord for the Christian organizations and churches that are working to meet the physical and spiritual needs of the people.  Pray for the Lord to bless these efforts so that many Haitians will experience His love and compassion.  Pray that He will pour out His mercy upon Haiti and bring the healing, peace and hope that is desperately needed.

    [Prayer points adapted from ifapray.org and other sources.]



    A ministry leader with Uncharted Ministries working in the Middle East shares, “We’re seeing so many young Muslims coming to faith in Christ, and they’re sharing their faith.  God is using new believers; they’re spreading the Gospel rapidly throughout the Middle East.”

    For example, he shares the story of a Muslim woman in Syria he calls “Lydia” who came to saving faith in Jesus.  “She has a brother in the Islamic State [and] her brother is fighting with terrorists in Libya.  She picks up the phone and calls him, and tells him she’s accepted Jesus as her Savior.  He said, ‘Well, that distresses me and we will have to do something about this; I’m coming home.’  The next week she was baptized, and it wasn’t just her.  She had already led three other Sunni Muslims to faith in Christ.  They were all baptized together.”

    Lydia’s brother is still hunting for her, but thankfully she’s in a safe house.  Pray for her continued protection, and pray the Lord will appear to her brother in a vision or dream.  Pray he will understand God’s truth, and believe in Christ.

    The ministry leader also writes, “One-fifth of the world is Muslim, [it’s the] largest people group we need to reach.  Muslims have never been more open.  We’re trying to inspire the Body of Christ to wake up and realize that the Muslim harvest is here.”  Thank the Lord for this openness and pray that He will yet lead many Muslims to faith in Jesus for salvation.

    – mnnonline.org.  Information by permission of Mission Network News.



    Now that the U.S. has pulled out of Afghanistan and the Taliban has seized power, tens of thousands of Afghans and others are in harm’s way.  Reports of murder, retribution, kidnapping and torture continue to stream out of Afghanistan.  Dozens of non-governmental organizations have rallied to help Afghans escape and where possible provide practical aid.

    – CBNNews.com

    The organization Send Relief lists these vital matters for prayer:

    Pray for the Afghan people as they navigate political unrest, violence and persecution.  Pray that they may find peace in Christ among overwhelming circumstances.

    Pray that God would intervene and glorify His name in this tragic situation.

    Pray for Afghan believers whose lives are being threatened by the new regime.  Ask God to give them courage and strength.

    Pray for Afghans at risk because of their service alongside the United States government.

    Pray that the millions of Afghans who have never heard the Gospel will have an opportunity to hear.

    Pray for neighboring countries, as well as countries around the globe, as they attempt to host the surge of refugees coming out of Afghanistan.

    Pray for people to open their hearts to those being displaced from their homes.

    Pray for Afghans who are desperately trying to leave Afghanistan.

    Pray that those helping will be able to overcome obstacles as they facilitate the exits and relocation of Afghans.



    In India, COVID-19 and its variants are creating another tragedy:  orphans.  Approximately 30,000 Indian children have been orphaned or lost a parent due to COVID-19.

    At one point, India was seeing 40,000 new COVID-19 cases a day.  The second wave that began in March claimed many lives in a country where social distancing is often difficult.  Over 436,000 COVID-19 victims in India have died, and analysts even say these numbers are likely vastly undercounted due to lack of resources.

    As a leader of Mission India said, “With the amount of spread and all of that, we saw an extreme amount of people passing away and perishing from the COVID Delta variant.  So what happened was a lot of children lost their parents and caregivers.  So not only are children trying to stay healthy…but now they lost their way to have income because their parents can’t bring money in.  They lost their parental leadership.  And they lost that love and support they had.”

    The most heartbreaking question for these kids is, “What now?”

    “Be praying for those children, that they would find peace, that they would find the love of Jesus, and that [ministry] leaders in India would be guided by Jesus as they look to say, ‘What can I do next to help these communities that we operate in?’”

    Pray also for Mission India and other ministries that are coming alongside these children who have lost their parents.  For example, Mission India has Children’s Bible Clubs that introduce these kids to God’s love and let them know that they are never alone.

    – mnnonline.org.  Information by permission of Mission Network News.



    With a third wave of COVID-19 hitting Myanmar amid ongoing violence from a coup in February, local missionaries are shining Christ’s light with tears and heartache.

    “These days are mourning and weeping days,” says a local ministry leader.  “We have been fought by the seen enemy, the military coup, and the unseen enemy, COVID.  Many of our people died by guns and bombs, and many of our people died by COVID.  Both killers are still harsh across the country.” 

    Workers recently went to a village where a family had opened their hut for a Bible study three months before the coup.  Amid the military takeover and COVID-19, suddenly people had no food.  Local missionaries brought rice and other food on three occasions, winning the opportunity to explain the Gospel to many others.  The leader shared, “The villagers were so happy and became receptive, and 23 of them received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord.  A church came into being in that area.”

    Another ministry based in Myanmar shares how team members are facing ongoing gunfights, curfews and confiscation of life-saving medical equipment.  “Despite the challenging situation, one thing is clear – we are bonded with the cord of love in Christ that cannot be broken by the fierce invasion of the virus,” the leader said.  “While the Delta wave is not unique to Myanmar, the parallel presence of political turmoil has certainly added to the challenges we face.  We covet your prayers.”

    – christianaid.org

    Pray for the political turmoil to ease and for the impact of COVID-19 to greatly diminish.  Ask the Lord to pour out His mercy, comfort and strength upon the people, including ministry workers.  Pray for the light of Christ to shine forth in the nation through His people.



    Pray for the Lord to grant wisdom to Israel’s leaders and their trusted advisors; wisdom for all decisions relating to coronavirus, the economy, and the security arenas; and wisdom in dealing with Iran’s nuclear advancement.  “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem...” (Psa. 122:6).

    – Adapted from ifi.org.

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