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Out Of Mailbox 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Oyo State:  I appreciate the wonderful work the Almighty God is doing through Herald of His Coming.  The ministry has been of tremendous blessing to many of us.  The messages are very inspiring and transforming to the extent of reviving our lives.  The various articles have had a very deep spiritual impact.  We read the messages and long for a Christ-like life – a life that will definitely touch the lives of other people.  May Almighty God continue to renew your strength and increase His anointing on you.

    Delta State:  I am writing to express my deep appreciation to the Herald of His Coming ministry.  The material sent to me is always very helpful to our Bible School students, church workers and members as I share with them often.  I pray the Lord of the Harvest will continue to strengthen your hands in His service to the church and the world.

    Abia State:  By God’s grace I have been on the Herald of His Coming mailing list as far back as the 1970s.  The Lord used the Herald at that time to bring me up in the faith as a new believer.  Then He made it possible for me to be one of the distributors of the paper here in my country.  May the Lord’s great hands continue to uphold the work even till His Second Coming.

    Another writes:  Herald of His Coming is inspiring and genuine.  I really want to experience in my life what I have read in the Herald.  A life that prays, a living that is pure, a love that is powerful, a living full of the Holy Spirit’s power.  O Lord, revive me, revive men, revive many!  Amen.


    I am happy to receive Herald of His Coming.  We do not have a Bible college in our town, so it is our theological seminary.  The Herald has become a great tool in my ministry here.  Thank you so much.  Keep up the wonderful work of God.


    I wish to convey my deepest and most sincere gratitude to Herald of His Coming for the spiritual nourishment we are constantly being supplied through the wonderful articles.  I pass these precious bulletins on to other Christian brothers and sisters and pastors.  Kindly continue to put me on the mailing list for this vital spiritual paper.


    Thank you very much for sending Herald of His Coming faithfully to us.  We truly appreciate it.  The articles are really enriching and help us keep focused on our Lord and Savior, to be in His will, to be in the true faith and above all to be ready for His coming in the last days.  May our Lord bless all of you richly....


    I praise the Lord for His faithfulness to Herald of His Coming and that we readers continue to receive this precious ministry of the Word.  Thank you for adding my friend to your mailing list.  We meet together weekly and read articles from the Herald.  We are so blessed by the teaching in them which always brings comfort or guidance or conviction on which we can act as the Holy Spirit helps us. 

    Another writes:  Every time I read Herald of His Coming I am so blessed and encouraged as I receive such excellent instruction from the Word of God.  May the Lord continue to anoint and guide the Herald ministry for His glory, honor and praise.  Amen.

    And another:  Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming.  It helps guide me in my daily walk with the Lord Jesus alongside my Bible which is the true living Word of God.


    I thank the Lord Jesus for what He is doing through Herald of His Coming.  The copy I have received was full of excellent spiritual literature.  It has really strengthened me and touched me to join in prayer with other Christian servants to pray for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to reach the lost.  I would love to be a regular reader.  God bless you.

    Another writes:  I write to express my gratitude for mailing me this past year the precious, inspired paper Herald of His Coming.  Please continue the same this year.  The articles help me keep focused on the Lord as I look up different scriptures and apply what I learn to my daily life.


    I am so blessed with the Herald of His Coming you send me.  I have learned more about Jesus and prayer through these papers.  What I have learned I have taught to others, and they have been blessed.  I thank God for this divine connection.  Please continue to help me so that I can keep helping others.


    I write to express my sincere gratitude and to pray for God’s blessing upon Herald of His Coming.  The materials I have been receiving for a long while now have been instrumental in modeling and enriching me individually and in my ministry to the Body of Christ.  I have gotten an additional source of materials for my studies. 

    Another writes:  I have read a copy of Herald of His Coming from a pastor friend.  In it I came across some of the items I have been longing to hear about.  This gave me an interest and a need to read and hear more.  I am, therefore, requesting for some copies for myself and for some dear church ministers.  We will greatly appreciate it.


    I started reading Herald of His Coming back in the late 1990s as a young girl.  I was so impacted then by the paper that when I found it again today in a friend’s office I jumped and grabbed three copies!  The Herald’s articles are very powerful, life-changing and with great insights into God’s Word.  I am already charged!  I would like to request to receive a package of the Herald for our church.


    We are grateful for the Herald of His Coming papers which came to us freely last year.  We would be happy if you can continue sending them this year.  Times are hard here and as we are poor people we do not have the means to bless you financially at present.  Yet we do ask God our heavenly Father to put provision into your hands so you are ever able to honor His holy name.  We shall be happy if you can increase the number of papers you send each time because I will share them with other pastors, evangelists, and church leaders.  God bless you.


    The May/June 2021 issue of Herald of His Coming is great!  I read the whole thing at one time!  I will share it with my prayer group – we agree we have never needed prayer more.  May the Lord, in His mercy, send us a revival.  Thank you!  You are in my prayers.


    I have been blessed to receive a stack of Herald of His Coming from a fellow inmate and brother in Christ.  I must say I found strength, encouragement and enlightenment in them.  I was going through a rough time and my mind was troubled with anxiety and worry.  The Lord spoke to me through the Herald and brought refreshment and confirmation of His presence in my trials.  I would like to continue to read your material.


    I read Herald of His Coming with tears in my eyes.  In the time that we live in, this is such a genuine call to prayer and action.  My heart is stirred as I pore over the examples of those lovers of our Savior who laid down their lives, and it makes me desire to live a more sacrificial life.


    Thank you for sending Herald of His Coming to me.  The September/October 2021 issue has really touched me.  I loved the message, “Trusting Our Ever-Present God.”  In these present times, I often feel like we are living in the “spin cycle” of life.  By sight, things are going out of control.  But by faith, we are held in the palm of God’s hand.  Thank you for being a source of refreshment to my soul and for sharing God’s truth through His Word.


    During these very dark days, it is such an encouragement to read articles in Herald of His Coming of God’s faithfulness to His people.  It appears Christ’s Coming is so clear and soon.

    Even so, come Lord Jesus, come!

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