"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."


    Herald of His Coming came into being in Los Angeles, California in 1941.  Willard C. and Sarah Foulkes Moore had been traveling and holding meetings, Brother Moore teaching on prayer and the overcoming life, and the two of them gathering people for prayer.  In 1941 God directed their steps to Los Angeles, where they had met and ­married a few years previously, being in their late 40’s at the time.

     They were living in a small room of a church, using the auditorium to gather people to pray.  A printer who was a man of prayer offered to print a paper for them to help spread their deep burden that the church worldwide be clothed in holy garments, ready to meet Christ at His Coming.  Brother and Sister Moore had no experience in editing and had no thought of printing a paper.  Neither had they any money.  But a friend who had given them $50 to print tracts agreed they could use the money toward the paper.

     The first edition of 10,000 copies had a good reception, and a second was printed. Others followed, and in this way God led His servants into publishing Herald of His Coming monthly. In 1943 Gospel Revivals Inc. was established as the non-profit corporation which publishes Herald of His Coming.

      God made the Moores to know Herald of His Coming was to be undenominational.  It was to be kept unworldly and unadorned and printed economically on newsprint that it might be sent without charge, that no one be denied the Gospel because they could not afford to pay for it.

     After the church in which they were working closed, God led the Moores through a series of moves, to a large second-floor room in a former mortuary in downtown Los Angeles.  They were living and working here when the building was put up for sale.  Through the sacrificial giving of friends, they were able to purchase the building and here the ministry was housed for about 25 years.

     As many as 12 to 15 workers lived and worked in the building.  Additional workers lived in economical hotels nearby.  A number who helped shoulder the work not only volunteered their time but also gave to the work from their modest pensions.  Others whose love and zeal for the Lord made them gladly willing for the simple, unworldly, dedicated living and working which the humble ministry required, received in exchange room and board and a small allowance for necessary expenses.

     Calls for Herald of His Coming began to come from around the world, and eventually the paper was being mailed into as many as 200 countries.  The number of papers printed grew steadily until a peak was reached in the early 1960’s of 425,000 papers monthly.  Six fourpage papers for the unsaved were printed and mailed by the hundreds of thousands.  A number went to distributors who took them to the highways and byways of the world to many beyond reach of the post office.  About 20 of Brother and Sister Moore’s editorials were printed in tract form and circulated by the tens of thousands.

     From the beginning, prayer was the heartbeat of the work.  Lone prayer vigils in early morning or late night, twos and threes agreeing together throughout the day, prayerful hearts at the work desk, and especially the gathering of the staff in the old mortuary chapel, where prayer times were sparked by the fiery, faith-filled prayers of Brother and Sister Moore – all told that God’s blessing on the ministry was dependent on and the result of prayer. 

     The ever-present needs of the ministry for workers and finances were brought before the throne of God as well as the need for divine blessing on the messages of the Herald.  Always there were prayers for revival and for the salvation of dying souls.  Often God was beseeched to send deep conviction on sin to bring men to repentance, for without repentance, God cannot come and save and deliver and heal – whether it be the individual soul or a nation.

     Brother and Sister Moore sometimes wished they could do nothing but shut themselves away and pour out their lives in prayer. But God had placed on their shoulders the responsibilities of the worldwide work of Herald of His Coming, and they were faithful workers, giving themselves from early morning until late at night – their breaks being mostly prayer breaks, or breaks for necessities such as sleeping and eating and short walks.  They lived in the simplest of rooms alongside the staff.  Personal comforts and conveniences were all but forgotten in their zeal to finish the work God had given them to do and in their loving concern for their co-workers.

     The fire in their hearts had been lighted by God and it was fueled by the Holy Spirit whose anointing they humbly and constantly sought.  Supported by co-workers of like heart and mind, likewise sparing not themselves for the sake of world revival and world evangelization, the Moores were able to send out the fiery messages and faithful teachings from God’s Word regularly, without fear or favor. 

     God also gave a host of priceless friends from among Herald readers scattered around the world.  Some were hearts already akin, and others had a fresh fire kindled as they read the paper.  Taking the ministry on their hearts for prayer, sending gifts even to the point of sacrifice, and ordering copies to help spread the flame – made them invaluable co-workers in the continuation and growth of the ministry.

     In 1968 it seemed wiser to move from the old building in downtown Los Angeles than to fix it up to meet changing fire codes, and so the Moores and part of the staff moved to the high desert outside Los Angeles.  The mailing department remained in the Los Angeles area for convenience sake.  All but a minimum staff and the Moores moved back to a Los Angeles suburb to merge with the mailing department in 1972 when a suitable building was found to lease.

     It was in 1973, when Sister Moore’s strength was totally spent, that God gathered her to her rest.  Brother Moore and faithful staff members carried on the ministry until he, too, at the age of 90, was called above in 1980.

     For the next eight years the ministry continued in the Los Angeles area, with Lois J. Stucky serving as editor, and with a loyal staff working shoulder to shoulder.  In 1988, Elmer Klassen, who had published the German Herald of His Coming for almost 30 years, returned from abroad to live in his home state of Kansas.  It seemed the Lord’s leading at that time to move Herald of His Coming ministry to Kansas and to ask him to serve as president.  Under his capable leadership, Herald of His Coming published in Kansas until the summer of 1999 when Mr. Klassen retired.

     At that time God led to move the ministry to Indiana, near Terre Haute, where Dave and Kim Butts, founders and directors of Harvest Prayer Ministries, welcomed Herald of His Coming to partner with them and began serving as president and vice­-president of the Herald ministry (Gospel Revivals Inc.).  Lois J. Stucky continued as editor until 2009 when an editorial team was formed to share the editorial work.  Lois served on that team until the Lord called her home in 2014 at the age of 85.  The other members of the team – Rich and Gail Carmicheal and Gayla Royer – carry on with the work, with Rich serving as editor.  In 2023, Kim began serving as president of the ministry following Dave's passing in November 2022.

    As the torch has passed into the hands of a new generation, equipment and methods of work have been modernized to keep up a good outflow of the Gospel, but we seek to maintain the same prayer/revival call that Brother and Sister Moore issued faithfully through the years.  At the present time, about 80,000 Heralds are printed monthly, about two-thirds of which are sent to readers outside the U.S.A.  Also in print are RIGHT CHOICE Salvation herald, HEAR, O ISRAEL for unsaved Jewish people, and TRUTH FOR YOU to warn of the occult.  Twenty-nine books have been printed in magazine format. They are mostly classic books on prayer and revival, first published by others some years ago. All publications are sent without charge.  Herald messages (and various ministry details) are also available online at www.heraldofhiscoming.org.

     Herald of His Coming ministry has been totally supported from the beginning by gifts of readers whose hearts God touches to share with their offerings.  The participation of interested friends is essential and is greatly welcomed and appreciated.  In this hour there is eagerness for Christian literature among readers in developing countries especially, and there are great opportunities to increase the present outreach.    


     In the early 1950’s, during a time of revival among missionaries in the Orient, several who experienced a deep touch of the Lord on their lives, found in Herald of His Coming messages that fueled the flame in their hearts.  They wanted such messages for those among whom they worked.  As a result, affiliated Heralds began to publish in the Korean, Chinese and Japanese languages, as well as in Malayalam, Tamil and Telugu in India.

     Later in the 1950’s, workers in Europe were inspired to print in German, Dutch, Italian and French.  Through the years other editions have been added.  Current language editions are:

     Amharic in Ethiopia
     Arabic in Egypt
     Burmese in Myanmar
     Hakha Chin in Myanmar
Hausa in Nigeria
     Igbo in Nigeria
     Malayalam in India
     Marathi in India
     Portuguese in Brazil
     Shona in Zimbabwe
     Sinhalese in Sri Lanka
     Tagalog in Philippines
     Tamil in India
     Urdu in Pakistan
     Yoruba in Nigeria 

     Foreign language editions needing subsidy are helped by Herald of His Coming. Offerings for the extension of Herald International are welcomed, and may be sent to the office mailing address in Seelyville, designated for whatever edition they are intended.

     Readers are invited to send names and addresses, clearly written, of Christians who would be interested in reading the paper.  These may be sent to the Seelyville address given below, whether for the English paper or for a foreign language edition.

     The prayers of friends for the Herald ministry are much appreciated, and please pray fervently for worldwide revival and for the evangelization of earth’s lost multitudes! 

Herald of His Coming
P.O. Box 279
Seelyville IN  47878 U.S.A.