"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Renewed Consecration

By Richard Owen Roberts

    The following declarations, drawn from a covenant a church made in 1680 as a means of spiritual renewal, provide encouragement for individuals and families in the matter of deep repentance and strong determination to walk according to God’s will:

    “We do give up ourselves to the only true and living God, and unto our Lord Jesus Christ, as our only Redeemer and Saviour, as the only Prophet, Priest, and King over our souls and only Mediator of the Covenant of Grace, engaging our hearts unto God in Christ, by the help of His Spirit of Grace, to cleave unto Him as our God and chief good, and unto Jesus Christ as our Mediator by faith....

    “We do also give up our offspring unto God in Jesus Christ, avouching the Lord to be our God and the God of our children, and ourselves with our children to be His people, humbly adoring the grace of God in Christ Jesus, that we and our children may be looked upon as the Lord’s.

    “We will, by the help of Christ, endeavour every one to reform his own heart and life, by seeking to mortify all our sins and to walk more closely with God than ever we have done, and to uphold the power of godliness, and that we will continue to worship God, in public, private and secret and this, as God shall help us, without formality and hypocrisies, and more fully and faithfully than heretofore, to discharge all covenant duties one towards another in a way of church communion.

    “We promise by the help of Christ to reform our families and to walk before God in our houses with a perfect heart and that we will uphold the worship of God therein continually, as He in His Word requires both in respects to prayer and reading of the Scriptures, and that we will do what lies in us to bring up our children for God and therefore will, so far as there shall be need of it, catechize them and exhort and charge them to fear and serve the Lord, and endeavour to set an holy example before them, and be much in prayer for their conversion and salvation.

    “We do further engage, the Lord helping us, to endeavour to keep ourselves pure from the sins of the times and what lies in us to help forward the reformation of the same in the places where we live, denying all ungodliness and worldly lusts, living soberly, righteously and godly in this present world, making conscience to walk so as to give no offence nor to give occasion to others to sin or to speak evil of our holy profession.

    “Finally, giving glory to the Lord our God, that He is the faithful God, keeping covenant and mercy with His people forever, but confessing that we are a weak and sinful people and subject in many ways to break our covenant with Him, therefore, that we may observe and keep these and all other covenant duties required of us in the Word of God, we desire to deny ourselves and to depend wholly upon the grace of God in Christ Jesus for the constant presence and assistance of His Holy Spirit to enable us thereunto.  Wherein we shall fail, we shall humbly wait upon His grace in Christ for pardon, for acceptance and for healing for His name’s sake.  Amen.”

    – From Sanctify Thy Congregation:  A Call to the Solemn Assembly and to Corporate Repentance by Richard Owen Roberts.  Used by permission.