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Out Of Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Thank you for mailing me Herald of His Coming regularly.  I love and appreciate this paper very much.  Each article contains great nuggets of truth for me to think about the implication and application for my life.   I am very grateful that the Word of God is a lamp to my feet and a light for my path.  Please continue to put my name on the mailing list.


    Thank you so much for making such an invaluable contribution through Herald of His Coming to my spiritual growth and my ministry to my church family and community.  The topics selected every month are always just what I need at that point in my personal life and ministry.  I will continue to pray that God continues to use the Herald mightily in these last days.


    On behalf of the pastors and leaders in our church, I wish to appreciate Herald of His Coming for serving us, especially in the area of prayer.  It is good to have people fired up in prayer.  They never regret praying too much.  I pray God will always provide the Herald with materials for the prayer thirsty and hungry ministries.  There is nothing out of the reach of prayer except that which is out of the will of God.


    I have been a subscriber of Herald of His Coming for the last couple of years and I must say that I always wait eagerly for it as it has been a great blessing to me.  All the articles are anointed and full of guidance and encouragement.  They help us keep our lamps filled with oil as we wait for the Bridegroom.  May the Lord keep you and continue to pour His anointing on the Herald.


    The September 2019 Herald of His Coming brought me – as all the other issues do – great joy.  Every article written by brothers and sisters led by the Holy Spirit is full of the life of God and His beloved Son Jesus Christ.  We need to open our hearts, spirits and lives more and more so that we become the right servants to glorify God Almighty.  May the Herald be blessed with God’s love, strength and wisdom to continue His calling to spread His Word. 


    I wish to continue receiving Herald of His Coming.  Since I started feeding on messages in the Herald, my spiritual life has been growing.  In the village where I live, I am committed to sharing the Gospel of Christ to everyone who visits me and everyone I meet daily in town.  I carry a copy of the Herald with me everywhere I go so that no time is wasted while waiting for the doctor or in a line at the bank.


    Herald of His Coming papers have been some of the best Christian materials that ever came into my hands as a minister of God.  Since I started receiving the Herald it has been a source of spiritual awakening, renewal of commitment and a fresh understanding of what revival is, in my life and to the people I minister to....  One way to continue to prepare for Christ’s coming is to continue to receive Herald of His Coming….

    Another writes:  God bless you all at Herald of His Coming.  The ministry is making a great impact in my life and the lives of the people around me.  I received a testimony from a brother who I had been preaching to, but was converted after reading a portion of a Herald I shared with him.


    I am writing to thank you for the copies of Herald of His Coming you are sending us.  They are a real blessing to our growing fellowship.  We are seeing the need for more copies for sharing, learning and teaching on faith, prayer and revival. 

    Another writes:  About two years ago I met a pastor friend of mine who had copies of Herald of His Coming.  The message I read at that time was very powerful.  Last week I happened to come across another copy.  I could not stop reading until I had finished it all.  The messages were soul-reviving and kept me praying and reading the Word of God.  I am a youth leader in our church and God has given me a group of 40 youths.  The messages I read have helped me to teach them.  I would like to receive a package of 30 copies of the Herald each month to share with youth and other church leaders.


    Thank you very much for sending me Herald of His Coming.  I love to read it so much.  My heart is very touched and moved.  Please pray for my country to be free to worship the Lord and study the Bible everywhere.


    I thank God very much who is always blessing us spiritually through Herald of His Coming.  It looks like any other paper, but it is full of the Holy Spirit’s anointing.  I sense the presence of God when I read it…and my prayer life is developing.  This is why I decided not to keep it for myself but to share it with my fellow inmates so that we may grow together.  We share messages from the Herald in our prayer meetings daily.


    Herald of His Coming has helped us to grow well in the knowledge of God in our life.  We have kept the past copies we have received carefully and we use them as reference material for Bible studies in our home and in the Christian Fellowship that we have in our community.


    Kindly please put my name on your mailing list to receive Herald of His Coming.  I am a church leader and I read a copy of the Herald from my friend.  I am still receiving the blessings that I found in it.  Help me please.  May God bless you.


    I wish to express my sincere gratitude for continually sending me Herald of His Coming.  As always, they are encouraging, uplifting and challenging, especially the September 2019 issue!  It lead me to fast and seek a closer walk with my dear Lord.  We are truly living in the last days and in perilous times.  The answers for the world today lie with the church and yet many of us are sleeping.  Please continue the good work, knowing that your labors are not in vain.


    I love reading Herald of His Coming and appreciate that I can find past issues online (heraldofhiscoming.org).  I grew up reading these papers from my mom.  The Herald has been instrumental in teaching me and encouraging me!


    I cannot express how wonderful the messages in the last two Herald of His Coming issues (May & June 2019) have been, in being used by God’s Spirit to convict, and being just the very word I needed.  It has been the “candle of the Lord” searching the innermost parts of my heart, for which I thank and praise Him!


    Herald of His Coming is full of manna!  Thank you for such deep truths.  In today’s world of busyness, stress and sadness, we need to be reminded that God is our Guide.  He will direct and teach us when we sit before Him.  The Herald reminds of this.


    I thank God for Herald of His Coming as it is still putting out the Gospel.  I cannot explain my joy in seeing another Herald in the mail.  I hope it charges everyone like it does me.  The power of God gives me courage and strength for every day.  The Word of God is quickening.  Oh, if people would take a little time each day with it, they would be blessed.  My open Bible on my little table when I sit down blesses me.  I never want to let a day go by without reading it.  The Word is powerful and the world needs our testimony of its power.  The Lord saves, keeps and satisfies.  Praise God!


    Thank you for continually feeding Herald of His Coming readers with the pure Word of God.  I am blessed and refreshed in spirit and soul as I read the Herald.  May God continue to bless this ministry!