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Out Of Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I look forward to receiving Herald of His Coming.  It is very sound reading.  Often the articles are encouraging Christians to pray and that is something that is really needed today with the world getting further and further away from God.  May the Lord continue to enable you to keep up the good work in spreading the good news of His near return.

    Another wrote:  Thanks ever so much for the Herald of His Coming that I receive.  I am thankful the Word of God has been made available to me in prison.  The Herald is so enriching and encourages me to have faith in God.  I have been strengthened in my commitment and dedication to serve the Lord.  The articles on prayer are particularly encouraging and challenging, and I have been helped to pray more.

    And another:  It is lovely to receive the Herald regularly.  God’s Spirit is on every page giving us hope, grace and love.  It is the only paper that I know of which gives the food that we all need today. 


    I am a huge fan of Herald of His Coming.  May God bless you abundantly!  It really helps me grow in faith.  I pray that God will strengthen you in touching more souls.  Please keep sending me this wonderful tool!


    I was so blessed after stumbling upon and reading a copy of Herald of His Coming that I found on my father’s table.  It lifted my spirit.  Although it was a past issue, it was the need of the hour to me.  Despite the fact that it was published 28 years ago (June 1993 issue), the words were exact and inspiring.  I pray for all involved in compiling this scriptural literature.

    Another wrote:  Calvary greetings!  I want to say a big thank you for sending us packages of Herald of His Coming.  The Herald has helped us a lot, and when we share it with the brethren, they are very happy to read it. 

    And another:  Thank you for being a great blessing to me through the various messages and teachings in Herald of His Coming.  I am always edified and blessed.  Keep up the good work.  May the Lord give you more grace and spiritual insights to keep blessing the world with the Word of God.


    I am grateful to God for being blessed by the Herald of His Coming ministry.  I have six churches and twenty Bible school students, all of whom are benefitting from the Herald materials, including Right Choice (salvation herald).  Please keep me on the mailing list to receive Herald of His Coming.  It is very inspiring.


    I am so thankful for Herald of His Coming.  The articles are a blessing!  They keep me focused on the Lord as I feed on His Word and apply what I learn to my daily life.  I love this wonderful paper.  Please continue to put my name on your mailing list.


    Thank you for the many years you have mailed me Herald of His Coming.  I started receiving the paper in 1996 and it has greatly impacted my spiritual growth.  I was a teenager when I began receiving it.  Over the years I have grown spiritually and the Herald has been a valuable spir­itual resource.  May God richly bless you for being faithful to the call even in these difficult times. 

    Another wrote:  I am writing to thank you greatly for regularly sending me issues of Herald of His Coming.  As I read them, I am blessed and my knowledge of the Word of God is enhanced.  God bless you all.

    And another:  Brethren, I do not know how to thank you for the copies of Herald of His Coming you have sent me.  Truly for me and my friends, you have taken our spiritual scales a notch higher.  We especially appreciate that you are able to bring to us sermons from men of God from past centuries.


    I am writing to thank you for the copies of Herald of His Coming I recently received as I had requested that you send me more copies to share with my friends and family.  I am so thankful.  I also thank God for the ministry that you are doing.  I pray more and more people around the world will be reached through the ministry and be led to know the only true God. 


    Greetings from Liwonde.  I have been praying this morning for Herald of His Coming and its work all over the world.  I wish the ministry well, together with its branches all over the world.  The work of the Herald touches and moves me a lot hence prompting me into prayer each and every time.


    I was so happy to receive the issues of Herald of His Coming from April through September/October 2020.  You made our day.  Thank you for remaining faithful to the work.  God bless you abundantly as He works through you to publish the Herald which always ministers to us.  His Word is true and never fails. 


    I appreciate the work Herald of His Coming is doing in preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I got a chance to read one of the issues of the Herald which transformed my life and I wish to get more copies for Christians in my church.

    Another wrote:  Thank you so much for sending us Herald of His Coming.  We are highly enriched by the timely gospel messages and we distribute them to Christians in our ministry.  They also testify to being blessed in their Christian walk. 


    I am very blessed to be receiving Herald of His Coming.  Thank you very much for waking me up again.  Please keep sending the paper and pray for my country as we are in a crisis.


    We have very much appreciated receiving Herald of His Coming over many years.  Thank you very much for your faithfulness and the excellent teaching we have received.  May the Lord continue to bless and use this ministry for His glory.


    I thank God for Herald of His Coming which always makes me examine my love and devotion for Christ, and is a great challenge to me.  May the Lord bless your labors!


    I am writing to let you know how much I love Herald of His Coming and to say how much it is needed in this day.  I read these Spirit-filled pages front to back many times before I pass them on to others to encourage and uplift them in their daily walk.  Thank you!  I am doing my best here in prison to show the love of Jesus to others.  God bless you all.


    Herald of His Coming is an awesome, truthful and joyful paper!  My relationship with the Lord has been getting deeper with each issue I receive, and I have been strengthened and encouraged in my service to Him.


    Thank you so much for sending the Herald of His Coming paper.  It is so helpful.  How we need to not only read the good messages, but to apply them every day.  Our world is so broken and we can easily become insensitive to the needs and pain of people around us.  May we become burdened with God’s burdens and pray fervently!


    Many readers to whom I send the copies of Herald of His Coming are indeed very blessed by the timely and God-ordained messages in it.  My family and I are also encouraged, edified, and highly motivated to love and serve the King in a very honorable way.  Please increase the number of papers we receive.


    Thank you dear ones for Herald of His Coming.  How it reminds me to spend more time with Jesus, to be aware He is returning soon and to be a watchman on the wall to warn others. 


    Thank you for the inspiring and timely messages in Herald of His Coming.  As the world grows darker, our light needs to shine brighter for Christ.