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God’s Word Like A Fire

    Thirty-three years the Moravian missionaries of Labrador had toiled on amid such discouragements that they had begun seriously to consider the abandonment of their principal station at Hopedale.  But one day in 1804, as a missionary was preaching from the text, “The Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost” (Luke 19:10), the words took powerful hold of a wretched abandoned woman, so sunk in every vice that she was despised and shunned even by her degraded countrymen.  She was filled with the deepest anguish on account of her sins, and spent the night in the huts occupied by the dogs, as though unworthy to associate with human beings.

    The great word of the preacher, however, proved a savor of life to her soul.  She entered into sweet peace and immediately began to praise the Savior in the most exultant strains for what He had done for her.  She became as a live coal in her village, from which the whole community was set on fire.  Old and young were brought under powerful conviction.  “In every hut the sound of singing and praying was audible, and the churches could not contain the numbers who flocked to hear the message of salvation.”  Those converted were moved at once to become missionaries to their lost countrymen, and so the work spread throughout the land.

    This was Labrador’s Pentecost:  it was kindled by a single text.

    “Is not My word like a fire? saith the Lord…” (Jer. 23:29).