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The Hidden Word

By C. H. Brown

    “Thy Word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against Thee” (Psa. 119:11).

    The Word of God hidden in the heart is great protection against all evil.

    Hiding God’s Word in his heart was David’s wise precaution against the untiring tempter.  In view of the fact that we have the same tempter that this man faced, we need this same divine Truth.  David hid it there, that he might not sin.  When temptation to evil comes to such a heart as this, there is a ready answer which is not the work of our own minds, but the automatic response of the hidden Word of God within.

    The Word of God is a power in man which no other word can be.  It has given strength in the strongest conflicts.  It has made men courageous in work and sufferings.  It has made true and faithful martyrs.  It has made men unyielding when their lives were threatened because of their faith in God.  Yes, the Word of God is the living power within the heart.  The Pharisees wore it on the outside, but this produced a devilish piousness and a resistance to God’s will.

    God’s Word hidden in the heart is like a sword in its sheath, which can be drawn out in a moment’s notice.  Men glory in their ability to answer back, but no answer of man is powerful enough to put the tempter in his place.  It is God’s life and power working within that will foil the tempter’s power.  Someone has likened it to a guard in a house or a sentinel in a fort who is to watch diligently against the approach of temptation.  The direction from which the enemy attacks may not be known by us; but when this divine force is working in us, it takes care of its foe.

Great Purpose

    David’s great purpose for hiding God’s Word was that he might be protected from sinning against the Lord.  This was an unselfish purpose.  He did not hide it there to make himself a great preacher, nor to build up a greater estimation of himself among his people, but that he might not sin against the God of all grace.  A greater desire or purpose than this could not be found anywhere.

    Our great foe is likely to take us when we are off guard, but may God help us to have this great weapon of defense at all times.