"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

A Precious Treasure

By Thomas Brooks

    The Word of the Lord is a light to guide you, a counselor to counsel you, a comforter to comfort you, a staff to support you, a sword to defend you, and a physician to cure you; the Word is a mine to enrich you, a robe to clothe you, and a crown to crown you; it is bread to strengthen you, wine to cheer you, a honeycomb to feast you, music to delight you, and a paradise to entertain you.

    Oh, therefore, before all, and above all, search the Scripture, study the Scripture, dwell much on the Scripture, delight much in the Scripture, treasure up the Scripture; no wisdom compares to Scripture wisdom, no knowledge to Scripture knowledge, no experience to Scripture experience, no comforts to Scripture comforts, no delights to Scripture delights, no convictions to Scripture convictions, nor no conversion to Scripture conversion.