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We Need The Fire, The Live Coal

By F. B. Meyer

    The Welsh preacher, Christmas Evans (1766 – 1838) tells us in his diary that one Sunday afternoon he was traveling a very lonely road to attend an appointment in a village on the other side of the slope, and he was convicted of a cold heart.  He says: “I tethered my horse and went to a sequestered spot, where I walked to and fro, in an agony as I reviewed my life.  I waited three hours before God, broken with sorrow, until there stole over me a sweet sense of His forgiving love.  I received from God a new baptism of the Holy Ghost.

    “As the sun was westering, I went back to the road, found my horse, mounted it, and went to my appointment.  On the following day I preached with such new power to a vast concourse of people gathered on the hillside, that a revival broke out that day and spread through the whole principality.”

    Convicted of a cold heart, of a worldly life, of self-seeking and pride, of having come short of God’s glory.  Then forgiveness.  Then the baptism of fire and power.

    God grant that the live coal, which has never lost its glow since the day of Pentecost, may come to every heart, to every mouth, to every life; and that this day a fire shall begin to burn in every mission, in every Sunday school, in every church!