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    At time of this writing, a decision is pending by the Supreme Court that will have tremendous consequence on the matter of abortion in the United States.  The draft majority opinion written by Justice Alito that was leaked in early May overturns Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood v. Casey.  Please join in fervent prayer regarding this decision.

Thank the Lord that this draft opinion reinforces the truth about abortion and our nation’s history and repudiates the lie about the right to abortion being integral to the Constitution.  Pray for this opinion to be issued as it is and for Roe v. Wade to be overturned.

    Pray that legislators and leaders in each of the states would recognize the value of life, and create state laws accordingly.  Thank the Lord for the states that have already anticipated this decision and crafted pro-life legislation that goes into effect once Roe v. Wade is overturned.

    Pray that justice will prevail in our nation on the issue of life.

    Pray for courage for the Justices to stand in this decision even if they foresee unrest and pushback on the decision.

    Pray for the physical protection of the Justices, clerks, and their staffs.

    – Adapted from Intercessors For America.



    An estimated 12 million Ukrainians have fled their homes since conflict began there in February.  Many of those millions are women and children seeking refuge in other locations within their own country.  Others have rushed to safety in places like Moldova and Poland.

    One of the ministries that has been working in the region since the early days of the conflict is Samaritan’s Purse.  They have established an Emergency Field Hospital in Lviv and also operate several outpatient clinics and mobile medical units in different parts of Ukraine.  Their DC-8 airlifts have brought in medical supplies, food, clothing, hygiene kits, and more personnel.  Through a faithful network of churches, they are now facilitating the distribution of hundreds of tons of food and other needed relief items inside Ukraine.

    Samaritan’s Purse is also delivering backpacks filled with special gifts to displaced children in Ukraine.  These backpacks are filled with carefully selected items such as winter caps, simple toys, sketchpads/notebooks, crayons, and small teddy bears stenciled with a message of God’s love written in Ukrainian.

    These supplies are accompanied by booklets translated into Ukrainian – one containing encouraging words from Scripture and another, The Greatest Gift, telling the story of how God revealed His love for us through His Son.  The latter resource is often given to children during Operation Christmas Child outreach events to introduce them to the Good News of Jesus Christ.

    Please continue to pray for displaced families that they would know they’re not alone and that God loves them.  Pray also for Samaritan’s Purse and their church partners that they would be strengthened and protected as they serve so many hurting people in Jesus’ name.

    – samaritanspurse.org

    Thank the Lord also for other ministries that are reaching out and caring for displaced Ukrainians in this crisis time, and pray for resources to meet all of the needs of the people.  Pray that many Ukrainians will open their hearts and minds to Christ through the love of these believers.



    Afghanistan continues its downward spiral.  The economy is collapsing, and human rights violations fill the headlines.  The Taliban’s first annual budget foresees a $501 million deficit, and there’s no plan to fix it.  Poverty and hunger drive tragic trends like child marriages; aid agencies estimate 120,000 children have been used as currency since the Taliban takeover.

    Meanwhile, blue burqas are back as Taliban officials demand women wear full-face coverings in public.  Efforts to drive women out of the workforce also continue unabated.

    However, as Afghanistan falls apart, more Afghans want to know the one true God.  Heart4Iran reports that Afghan callers are keeping the phone lines busy at their call center.  As one representative for Heart4Iran shares, “People are searching for the real God to hear them, to understand their situation, their problems [and] tears.  People are searching for the truth.”

    For example, one unbeliever who phoned in shared, “I know I’m in the dark.  Our path is not the right path.  Please help me to know Jesus, to know the Bible.  I want you to help me, sister; help me find the truth.”

    Others who call in know the Lord, and they crave what most of us take for granted – fellowship with other believers.  As one believer recently shared with the call center, “We feel left behind.  We had fellowship; we had some worship time, Bible study, but we don’t have [that] now.  What should we do?  I know I have to grow [and] be more faithful.  But if I’m not hearing (the Word of God) how can I grow in my faith?  Can you please help us?  Can you call me every day and share with me about the Bible?  Can you [join] me in some songs and I could be in His presence?  I feel so alone.”

    – mnnonline.org.  Information by permission of Mission Network News.

    Pray for the Afghani people as they face such hard conditions in their country.  Pray that more of them will open their hearts to Jesus and find hope and salvation in Him.  Thank the Lord for Heart4Iran and other ministries that are sharing the love of Jesus and the Gospel with them.  Pray for believers in Afghanistan to find opportunities for fellowship with other believers.  Pray for the Lord’s special provision and protection for them.



    Nigeria now holds the most Islamic State violence globally, according to a new report from Jihad Analytics.  ISWAP, the Islamic State affiliate responsible for attacks in Nigeria, appears well on its way to building a caliphate.  “I think that’s absolutely the agenda,” Greg Kelley of World Mission says.

    Government negligence is paving the way for a terrorist stronghold.  “Last week, 140 people were killed in four villages in the northern part [of the country].  The government did absolutely nothing about it,” Kelly says.  “They want to sweep it under the rug.”

    According to Joseph V. Micallef, United States military author and historian, Nigeria presents a prime opportunity:  “If a new Islamic State ‘territorial caliphate’ emerges, it is likely to do so in Africa.  With Washington now focused on geopolitical, economic, and military competition with China and Russia, and with little American or European appetite for continuing the ‘whack a mole’ global fight against jihadists, the likelihood of a new ISIS-like state in sub-Saharan Africa is a very real possibility.”

    Pray for the physical and emotional healing of all who were injured in recent attacks, and for God’s comfort for families of victims who have tragically lost their lives.  Pray for the perpetrators responsible for the attacks to come to the realization of God’s tremendous love for them, and the terrible wrong that they are doing.  Pray that the governing authorities will increase their efforts to stop the harm and destruction caused by these militant members of Nigeria’s diverse Islamic groups, thwarting the offenders’ fight for control of this troubled nation.  Thank the Lord for Christians who are ministering in northern Nigeria and that many of the people who have been displaced and affected by the violence are looking for help and are open to the Gospel.

    – mnnonline.org and vomcanada.com



    Most Jewish people around the world are only culturally Jewish, and have an array of religious beliefs that may include atheism, humanism, Buddhism, and others.  There are also many observant Jewish people, who are committed to practicing the particulars of the Jewish faith.  One of the few common threads for Jewish people around the world is their refusal to consider the Messianic claims of Jesus.  This makes Jewish people very difficult to reach with the Gospel; and yet we must.  The Bible tells us to bring the Gospel to the Jew first.  Will you join us in praying for the Jewish people?

    Ask God to protect Jewish ­people from antisemitism.  Antisemitic books, actions, and people are on the rise everywhere.  Jewish people in nations like Russia, France, Ukraine, Argentina, and other places are nervous about their future.  Pray for their safety and peace.  Pray that God will transform those who mistakenly hate the Jewish people; that their minds will be changed through love, rather than punishment.

    Pray for the people of Israel, that they will live in hope and faith, rather than fear.  Pray that God will protect them from war and from terrorist attacks.

    Pray for the Israeli government, that it will have wisdom in planning the future of the nation and its interactions with its neighbors.  Pray that the government will utilize the Israeli army and its weapons with wisdom and care.

    Pray for the governments of neighboring nations, especially Iran, Palestine (the Fatah government), Egypt, and Syria.  Ask God to keep peace between these delicately balanced nations, and ask Him to protect Israel from her enemies.  Ask for these leaders to prefer peace to war, and the safety of their people to the alternative.

    Ask God to soften the hearts of militant antisemites in the area, including Hamas, the president of Iran, and other nations.  Give these people a heart for Israel and a desire to maintain peace across religious divides.

    Pray for the United States and other historically pro-Israel nations.  Pray that they would continue to support the Jewish nation, and that brokering for peace will not prohibit justice from being served.

    –  chosenpeople.com