"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Out Of Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I owe much of my growth in Christ to the Holy Spirit inspired messages in Herald of His Coming.  It is so easy to become complacent and lazy in our spiritual walk.  Thank you for messages that convict, inspire and help build faith.  Please keep sending the Herald to me.


    I am thankful the Lord gave the vision to preach and teach the Word of God through Herald of His Coming.  I share the papers I receive with several pastors who have also been very much encouraged.  Thank you for sending such a seasoned tool to me.


    Kaduna State:  I have been tremendously blessed spiritually by the copies of Herald of His Coming I have received so far and I would like to remain on the mailing list.  Please continue with this work of the kingdom especially as the Second Coming is fast approaching.

    Bayelsa State:  Herald of His Coming messages are old-time religion kind of messages that I have been keen to get.  My heart rejoiced when I began receiving a monthly copy.  As the occasion warrants, I at times preach messages from the Herald to my congregation.  May God Almighty give more grace, strength and wisdom to the ministry and those who help support it.

    Kogi State:  I am sending this mail in appreciation of receiving the gospel paper Herald of His Coming.  I am grateful for the 30 copies sent to me regularly.  I love to be receiving my copies for personal benefit and to share with friends who are benefiting from the printed pages as well.  May God continue to supply your needs in order for the work to keep going in the name of Jesus.

    Abia State:  I am thankful for Herald of His Coming.  It is very timely and God-sent.  It has been the instrument God has used in dealing with me on an issue with which I have been struggling.  Remain blessed and keep printing and keep sending.


    I am writing to send my heartfelt appreciation and thankfulness for the Herald of His Coming papers you have been sending me for more than 30 years.  My family and I have benefited from its abundant spiritual teachings, insights and admonishing.  The Herald has greatly impacted our lives to live righteously and to desire deeply for God’s Word.  At the moment we cannot send out any offering to you from our country.  We would be very grateful and thankful to God if you can continue to send to us.  We will pray for God’s blessing on this work.


    Today we have received our package of Herald of His Coming.  We are very grateful.  We find the Herald challenging and timely especially at this time of difficulty.  Those I distribute to have asked me to especially thank you for this issue.  They are overwhelmed with the teaching that is helping strengthen them to live a deeper life for Christ.

    Another writes:  I have been greatly uplifted and inspired to seek God more by the Herald of His Coming publications you have sent me.  I kindly ask that you add three more copies to my mail each time so I can pass them on to my pastor friends.  The church is in a desperate need of a great revival.  Thank you for the great work.  God bless you all.

    And another:  I send my heartfelt gratitude to Herald of His Coming for your good work.  I request that you continue sending me 30 copies each time.  Here are some testimonies:
    • We use Herald of His Coming for our daily devotions.
    • We are so grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ for Herald of His Coming.
    • The Herald has been a powerful teaching tool for our Disciplers Bible Studies Ministry.
    • In times like these the Herald is like medicine to our hearts, minds and souls.
    • We love Herald of His Coming and it is so helpful.


    The Bible Institute students and I have enjoyed reading Herald of His Coming for several years.  I retired from the institute in 2020 and because of my eyes I am unable to read as much I would like.  You can remove me from the mailing list, but please continue to send a copy to the Bible Institute library.  Thank you.


    I just want to say thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming.  I find it enriching and uplifting at a time when it seems the world has gone mad.  Obviously we are seeing signs of Christ’s soon return.  Many thanks.

    Another writes:  I cannot tell you how much Herald of His Coming means to my friends and me.  I am now over eighty and the Herald used to come by post to my family home in Barvas, Isle of Lewis, when I was a young girl.  May the Lord bless you all and continue to use you in His service.

    And another:  Thank you so much for faithfully sending me Herald of His Coming.  As always they are uplifting and inspiring, and were especially so during the time we were locked down due to COVID-19 and most churches were not open.  The articles do strengthen the soul.  I pray that the Lord will continue to bless and guide you in the selection of topics.  I especially appreciate the articles on prayer.


    I just want to thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming.  It has been my pleasure when I sit down with the paper to read it through from start to finish.  It has been a great help for me in sharing the Word of the Lord with others and it has lifted my spirit when I have found myself feeling low. 


    I enjoy reading Herald of His Coming so much.  They are so full of wonderful, meaty food for the soul.  I travel a lot and always carry one or two issues in my briefcase to read on the airplane. 


    I praise God for the ministry and its faithfulness in blessing me, and so many others, with each edition of Herald of His Coming.  It is such a treasure to my soul and spirit.  I get so excited with each issue.  I begin on the first page and cannot miss one article.  Such Holy Spirit inspired teaching.  I pray that God will pour out His blessing on every area of the ministry!


    I am reading through the March/April 2022 issue of Herald of His Coming.  I have determined this time to read it in order from cover to cover.  It has been a while since I have done that.  Every article, large and small, has so blessed me.  Each one like a dagger to my heart, but also like a soothing balm, and a cheer from God to “come up here!”


    I am thankful for the light and truth that come out in every message in Herald of His Coming.  I think one could read each issue over and over again getting more each time.  Each article on peace in the Sept/Oct 2021 issue blessed me so.  It is an issue I have read and reread.  It has helped me to stand on Christ our Rock.


    Herald of His Coming is needed now more than ever to keep our hope alive during these very troubled, evil times.  We need the reminder that the gates of hell will not prevail against Christ’s church (see Matthew 16:8)!  We have victory in Jesus!


    The statement in Bill Elliff’s article (May/June 2021 issue), “The most powerful person in any room or any meeting is the person who prays,” has so convicted me.  It has changed my prayer life.  With gratitude and blessings....


    Thank you for putting together articles in Herald of His Coming that so reflect the times and our need, and are chocked full of spiritual meat.  I am currently reading the latest issue on prayer.  It is making me take stock of my prayer life.  It is not a time for Christians to act like ostriches with their heads in the sand.  It is time for the church to wake up and be the giant that it is – praying, fasting, lifting God up and calling for revival.  First, get the sin out of the camp!  Herald of His Coming keeps our eyes securely on God.  Keep it coming.  I love it.