"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Out Of Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I want to take this opportunity to thank God for Herald of His Coming.  Thirty-three years ago I started reading the Herald.  God has really enriched me through the paper, and then I too teach others.  I appreciate the wonderful work the ministry is doing, saving souls, giving knowledge and giving the light of the Truth to the dark world.  Be blessed.

    Another writes:  Thanks so much for sending to me your good literature, Herald of His Coming.  The teaching in the paper is so good for Christians to understand.  We give the Herald out one by one in house to house visiting, leaders’ conferences and in churches.  Please increase the number of papers you send as there has been an increase in the number of churches we visit.

    And another:  I am grateful you send Herald of His Coming to me.  Whenever I receive the paper, I go through its messages again and again – poring over it, meditating upon it, digesting and assimilating the messages from the front page to the back page.  It nurtures my spiritual being. 


    Thank you for your faithfulness over many years in sending me the Herald of His Coming.  It has been a real blessing to me because of the depth of teaching which is so lacking today.  Every blessing to you all.


    God bless Herald of His Coming.  From the very, very bottom of my heart, soul and spirit I thank the ministry for the continuous excellent teaching, challenging and inspiring messages from the Lord.  I pray every day for revival here, for a pouring down of the Spirit of Truth.

    Another writes:  I thank the Lord for Herald of His Coming.  It is a real encouragement in these troubled times.  How we need to listen to Him!  I have been blessed so much by receiving the Herald, giving me knowledge and understanding of His Word.

    And another:  I thank God for the anointed paper, Herald of His Coming.  I read it prayerfully and the Holy Spirit speaks to me from each article.  I would like to request the paper be sent to two of my friends and have included their addresses.

    And another:  I am so pleased and encouraged by Herald of His Coming.  It has been a great help to my spiritual growth.  The messages are powerful and encouraging.  I read the paper again and again until the next issue arrives at my door.  Many thanks for sending the Herald to me.


    I hereby send my humble thanks to the authors, editors and distributors of Herald of His Coming in our country.  I started receiving a copy of the Herald when I was a student in theological college in 1984 and have received it ever since.  The godly messages have greatly helped me in my calling of preaching the Gospel in our communities.  Please continue to send me the bimonthly packages.


    I give much thanks to God for Herald of His Coming.  The issues I have been receiving from you have been of great help to me and many others.  I am now in an area where communication is not easy.  I usually travel a long way to get my mail.  I am writing to let you know I am very much in need of continuing to receive the Herald. 


    Ogun State:  I must confess that each Herald of His Coming publication is filled with messages that awaken me spiritually in such a time as this.  The issues raised in each edition prepare the saints for heaven at this perilous time.  I pray that God will continue to strengthen the brethren who are committed to preparing the publication and sending it to me regularly.  God bless you all.

    Kwara State:  I am grateful for the copies of Herald of His Coming sent to me.  I am thankful for the help it is to my spiritual life and ministry.  It is my prayer that this great work will never lack provision.  May the Lord strengthen your hand and may His anointing continue to increase on every issue of the Herald.  As a cherished treasure, I hereby request for the renewal of my name on the Herald mailing list.

    Oyo State:  I have been tremendously blessed spiritually by the copies of Herald of His Coming I have received.  Thank you for being the “herald” indeed as the articles in the paper are Christ-centered.  I want to remain one of the beneficiaries of the ministry.


    It is always a joy receiving, reading and digesting the Herald of His Coming materials.  The messages for the hour keep us steadfast and unmovable in these uncertain days.  Thank God for the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ which never changes.  I have been a reader of the Herald for many years.  It has kept me rooted and grounded.


    I am always amazed that messages in Herald of His Coming written centuries ago can speak straight to my needs, my heart, and my faith.  My mother faithfully received the publication and at her passing, I was going to cancel.  Instead, I wait for the next issue and devour, share and praise God for your ministry!


    I have been blessed by Herald of His Coming for almost 25 years.  All the messages within every issue have spoken to the need of my heart.  The Herald has been an integral part of my growth through every encouraging newsletter.  The personal stories of faithful missionaries of Christ are truly inspiring and show us that we are not alone in this walk of faith, but that we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses.  May God bless you!


    Herald of His Coming always has wonderful encouragement for us through the precious Word of God.  The enemy is seeking whom he might devour and destroy, but our God is greater and more powerful.  The Lord is shaking everything that can be shaken in this wicked world by strengthening the saints to pray and minister to souls that need salvation. 


    We truly love receiving the Christ-focused articles in each Herald of His Coming.  It seems the church has lost the sense of urgency in sharing the saving Gospel of Christ.  Thank you for keeping this urgency at the forefront of the Herald’s  message.


    There are not enough words to thank you for sharing God’s Word through Herald of His Coming.  I have been eternally blessed by the encouragement, truth and teaching of the Lord in the messages.  I hope to meet you all in heaven one day.  Jesus is coming again soon!


    I cherish the Herald of His Coming paper.  I am always so excited when the envelope arrives in the mail.  I learn so much.  Thank you for compiling these treasures.  The messages are a delight to my spirit – confirming, convicting, stirring-up, reviving.  The call to go deeper is real and worth pursuing.  May we all grow up into Him who is the Head, hungering and thirsting for more of Christ’s Holy Spirit.


    I look forward to receiving my issue of Herald of His Coming.  I read and reread every article for enrichment, encouragement and renewal.  I share copies of the Herald with people in my church and in my apartment building.  I know the Lord uses the Herald in their life because they tell me so and they start getting their own copy.  Here in our city there is a growing hunger for the truth of God’s love and grace.  We have over a million people so there are people of every religion and cult.  People really need to hear and read the Good News about Jesus.  Keep sending the Herald to me.  I do not have a television, cell phone or internet access, so I look forward to reading the Herald when it comes!

    And another:  I have been receiving Herald of His Coming well over 40 years and through the low times in my life it has always lifted me up.  We need the messages of the Herald now more than ever.  The powers of darkness are crowding in and seducing God’s children and they haven’t a clue.  Keep heralding the clarion message loud and clear.  We must have it.