"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Consecrate Your All

    Are you earnestly desiring to know the deeper things of God and to walk in deep consecration and obedience, willing at any cost to have God reveal the truth to you, in any way He sees fit?  Are you willing to have the Word of God and the Spirit reveal to you the true condition of your soul?  It is a wonderful thing to have the whole heart open to God, that He may talk to you and show you your heart’s condition before it is too late.

    Do you long for God to speak to you?  If you fall before Him with a broken and contrite spirit, He will do the work.  Open your heart to God and His holy Word.  Consecrate your all.  God will do the rest and make use of the consecrated vessel.

    He will use anyone who is wholly consecrated to Him.  Throw your life upon God, every avenue of your soul.  Have no ambition to be something great, but prostrate yourself at His feet.  Lay your life before Him.  Consecrate your all.  How quickly He will pick it up and make it a blessing!

    As Christ’s coming draws near, we are pressing in to the holy place with Him, that we might draw the Divine life of the Son of God into our lives daily.  The Spirit of God is drawing His children deeper and deeper as the day approaches.  We cannot let the simplicity of the pure Gospel leave our lives.

    – Adapted.