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What Is Revival?

By Eleanor McKinney

    Revival is when one sees himself as God sees him.

    Revival is when deep, soul-searching conviction causes one to abhor sin!

    Revival is when there is intense, earnest seeking after God and holiness.

    Revival is when there is a keen awareness of the awesome presence and power of God.

    Revival is when repentance is deep and fervent, generally followed by sincere restitution.

    Revival is when every flaw of one’s character is brought under the scrutiny of God’s Holy Spirit.

    Revival is when there is a complete turning from sin with a total surrender of one’s will to God.

    Revival is when there is a consuming desire for purity of heart which supersedes all natural desires.

    Revival is when one is ready to yield to God his reputation, his friends, his past, present and future, in exchange for freedom!

    Revival is when sweet release follows the birth pangs of confession.

    Revival is when joy flows like a river with unexplainable ecstasy.

    Revival is when singing the old hymns of the church takes on new and profound wonder.

    Revival is when God’s people are genuinely melted together with divine love.

    Revival is when worship becomes alive with anticipation and excitement!

    Revival is when praise and adoration is the deep expression of a soul whose spirit is glorifying God.

    Revival is when the church is restored to its original purpose for which God planned, Christ died and the Holy Spirit descended!

    “Turn Thou us unto Thee, O Lord, and we shall be turned; renew our days as of old” (Lam. 5:21).