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    Two earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria early in the morning hours on February 6th.  The first earthquake’s 7.8 magnitude force collapsed buildings and shook houses in countries across the Middle East.  Hours later, a second earthquake measuring 7.6 magnitude hit the same region.  Since then, more than 10,000 aftershocks have been recorded in the region.

    More than 51,000 people have been confirmed dead and over 100,000 were injured.  Tens of thousands are still missing.  1.5 million have been left homeless from the earthquakes with at least 50,000 homes needing to be rebuilt according to the U.N.  The quake hit a region where thousands of Syrian refugees sought safety after they fled their homes during Syria’s civil war.  The Turkish government said about 865,000 people are living in homeless shelters and dorms.

    – Christian Aid Ministries

    Pray for the relief efforts, including the efforts of Turkish Christians and various Christian organizations that are working to meet the needs of those affected by the earthquakes.  Pray that the earthquake survivors will recognize the love of Christ through these believers and find hope and comfort in Him.  Pray that international aid will make it successfully to those in need.



    In the recent presidential election in Nigeria, the ruling party candidate, Bola Tinubu, a Muslim from the southwest, was declared president-elect after winning 37% of the votes.  The other two primary candidates were a Fulani Muslim from the north and a Christian from the southeast.

    Large numbers of young people turned out for the election among a record 93 million registered voters.  There were various reports of violence and voter intimidation, mostly in the southern parts of the country, and that the ruling party deliberately disenfranchised communities and targeted primarily the Christian communities.

    Greg Kelley with World Mission says, “I think this quite honestly could be the most consequential election in the last generation.  And that’s not just for Nigeria, that’s for Africa because Nigeria is a trigger point for the entire continent of Africa.  As Nigeria goes, so much of Africa goes.

    “It’s really located itself literally right in the…line of demarcation from Christianity and Islam, and that cuts right through the center of that country.  So there’s a tremendous amount of hostilities, religious challenges, and persecution in Nigeria.”

    Over the last eight years of Muhammadu Buhari’s presidency, Nigeria has been plagued by increasing violence – particularly in the northeastern region, where the Boko Haram insurgency has been active for over a decade.  The radical Muslim group has carried out numerous attacks, targeting Christians and other minorities.  Millions of people have been displaced.

    Kelley says, on the political level, “Sometimes there’s tough talk that happens, but there’s no substance to holding people accountable.  And people, not only Christians but even moderate Muslims, are frustrated by the lack of accountability.”

    Politics only go so far.  Kelley says, “The only solution for Nigeria and these other conflict zones around the world is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which fundamentally changes the heart.  Until that happens, there’s quite honestly only a bunch of temporary solutions that are band-aids.”  He adds, “I think we can get caught up in the politics of it, but if you were to ask a Nigerian Christian and say, ‘What is the answer to Nigeria?’ they would say, ‘Prayer.’”

    Pray for Nigeria’s new leaders to walk in wisdom.  Ask the Lord to open Nigerians’ eyes to His love, justice, and truth.  Pray for the people to know Jesus Christ as King.

    – Information by permission from Mission Network News, mnnonline.org



    “Seeds of the Gospel often grow in secret in this part of the world….  Oppression and persecution are lurking around every corner…and everyone is watching.  Always.  To lead a Bible translation team in this part of the world – coming up against spiritual strongholds that have been in place for centuries – men and women risk everything.”  This is the way that the Wycliffe Associates ministry describes the Bible translation work that is being done by dedicated servants in Asia.  Despite the dangers, these believers are responding to the need for the Gospel message to be spread.

    Persecuted Christians in a particular South Asian country (unnamed for security reasons) were recently able to celebrate the work of local translators, together with the team at Wycliffe Associates, over the completion of the first New Testament in the “heart language” of a minority people group.  The translation team is excited to now receive an opportunity to translate the Old Testament as well.  Wycliffe has also identified five other languages used within the nation that are still in need of Bible translations.

    Praise God that His Word is now available to this rural people group, thanks to the dedication of faithful servants who are willing to risk their lives in order to translate the Scriptures for their people.  Pray that He will continue to bless their efforts by providing the resources needed to complete the translation of the Old Testament.  Pray also for His protection from opposition throughout the process. 

    – vomcanada.com



    Bethlehem Bible College in Palestine recently featured women among their staff and students with a campaign called “Celebrating the Lives of Ordinary Women.”  The reality is Palestinian women in Arabic culture are not often celebrated.  In fact, women tend to be treated as second-class citizens.

    A communications officer at the college says, “Each house here has a different story.  There is a lot of beating, a lot of threatening, [and] a lot of abuse for women and for kids all behind closed doors.  We know a few, but there are a lot of stories that are hidden.

    “A woman can’t defend herself because your father will tell you that your husband can do whatever he wants with you – beat you, hit you, humiliate you.  You’re his now.  So yeah, we have this culture.”

    At home and in society, Arabic women often hear they are worthless, or at least “worth less” than men.  …The Gospel’s message to women is entirely different in every way.  God has instilled women with inherent dignity, value, and worth as co-heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven.  As the officer says, “Our worth is in Jesus.  We know that He loves us.  He respects us.  He gave us our dignity.  He gave us our worth.  The Gospel of God makes the whole difference.”

    Pray for Palestinian women, and other Arabic women, to discover and embrace their worth in Jesus Christ and to be beacons of confident faith to their families, friends, and communities.

    – Information by permission from Mission Network News, mnnonline.org



    Living conditions in Haiti have taken a shocking downward spiral since the president’s assassination in July 2021.  Gang violence, hunger, and a health emergency threaten the lives of millions of people.

    The U.N. Human Rights Commissioner has proposed sending a specialized armed force to support Haiti national police.  Gangs have killed more than a dozen police since the start of 2023.  Local civilians are also targets.  Gang kidnappings numbered at least 1,200 in 2022, twice the number in the previous year.

    The unraveling situation has also hindered Gospel outreach.  For example, World Missionary Press (WMP) supplies Scripture booklets for ministries in Haiti, but gangs have restricted port access for months.  “They have some literature there, they’re still trying to get another shipment in.  But the port has been closed.  Customs is shut down,” says Helen Williams of WMP.

    Other U.S.-based ministries that use WMP’s Scripture booklets are also waiting for the situation to stabilize.  Meanwhile, the local ministries keep working with what they have.  As they serve in practical ways, they also share the Gospel with Scripture booklets.

    “We do have material there.  Our people are giving out food, they’re giving out rice, they’re meeting whatever practical needs they can, but they’ve got the literature and they’re giving out the literature as well,” says Williams.

    God is opening another opportunity to reach the Caribbean.  WMP will soon send a shipment of Scripture booklets to a new partner based in Dominican Republic, where thousands of Haitians have sought safety.

    – Information by permission from Mission Network News, mnnonline.org

    Pray that God uses the literature to encourage Haitians and lead them to trust in Jesus during this difficult time.  Pray for port access so that more Scripture booklets can be sent to the ministries there.  Pray for God’s mercy upon the people and for His protection and provision.  Pray for the powers of darkness to be broken and conditions to improve dramatically.



    In mid-March, Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF) pilot Ryan Koher was granted a provisional release from prison in Mozambique.  Ryan, along with two South African men, had been held for more than four months.  They are required to remain in Mozambique and the case is still ongoing.

    MAF expresses thanks for all who have been praying for Ryan and his family.  They ask for continued prayer that the final outcome will be a full release of Ryan from any charges and trial.

    – maf.org



    Intercede for Israel’s spiritual restoration.  Pray that God would send refreshment and hope to dry and barren spirits.  Pray that they will drink freely from the Living Water that God has provided (Isa. 43:18-19).

    – cfijerusalem.org