"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Out Of Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    It is a joy to receive my copies of Herald of His Coming.  I am truly grateful for the ministry of the Herald, for the extracts from the writings of saints long gone, and for the prayers that go into the planning of each issue.  My copies are always passed on and reach many others before they fall apart from use!  Society here is becoming more secular each year, and so the encouragement given through Herald of His Coming is very valuable to all the recipients.


    Praise the Lord!  I am writing to express my heartfelt gratitude for sending Herald of His Coming to me here.  Last month, I came across a hard copy by chance and ended up registering to receive it.  Lo!  I got a copy of the Herald for the first time in my life to my surprise.  It is such an encouragement to me to be able to hold the pages physically to read.  I thank God for this blessing and am praying that many more will come to Jesus truly by reading Herald of His Coming.


    I thank and praise God for Herald of His Coming.  I have received it for more than 35 years.  I have been greatly blessed by the spiritual food in the paper and the messages have helped me to learn the Word of God and to walk closely with Christ.  I thank God for all of you, for your love to send the Herald to me regularly and for the commitment to our Savior to spread His Word throughout the world.


    Thank you for the Herald of His Coming issues that I have been receiving for many years.  The articles in the Herald are tremendous and they have blessed our family greatly (a number of our family are in full-time ministry).


    God bless you for the wonderful ministry of spreading the message of revival through Herald of His Coming.  It is a great source of inspiration and encouragement to the body of Christ in these end times.  May He keep using you for His glory!


    I wish to continue receiving this heavenly “manna” called Herald of His Coming until I leave earth for our Home above!  I am a happy reader of this spiritual digest.  I am blessed by its articles.  I recommend it to those who want truth and want to grow spiritually.  I am always happy to see it in my post office box!


    I have been spiritually lifted by Herald of His Coming, which I have been receiving since 1996.  I share the Herald with friends, family and the body of Christ where I fellowship.  Each and every edition has proved to be even better than the previous one and I have been greatly blessed.


    I am blessed by Herald of His Coming.  Thank you so much for an inspiring and encouraging paper that teaches me, reveals Jesus to me, gives me the ability to share my faith with others, and brings me messages of truth. 


    I am writing to express my thankfulness for faithfully sending me Herald of His Coming.  It has helped me in inexpressible ways in my weaknesses concerning the things of God and in my earthly life.  I have been strengthened, refreshed, convicted of sin and challenged towards prayer and to live for Christ in day to day life.  Thank you once again.


    I have been reading Herald of His Coming for a number of years and it has been a blessing to me.  I often feel like the messages are not only writings but the voice of God talking to me.  They are full of the power of the Holy Spirit.  Please continue sending them to me.

    Another writes:  I want to thank Herald of His Coming for the great ministry you have had to the body of Christ all over the world.  I have enjoyed your Holy Spirit-filled publications since 2002 when I was an undergraduate at university.  I was given some old copies of the paper by a friend, and my prayer life was totally changed through my devouring them repeatedly.  In 2003 I subscribed to receive my own copy of the Herald and have received them ever since.  I cannot tell you enough how the publications have been useful.  Even this afternoon I was putting together notes for a teaching session at our mid-week service.  I thought to check through my library of Herald publications and found some very powerful articles on the issues the Lord was laying on my heart.  I also got on the ministry’s website for the first time and the second article in the current issue used the very scripture that had been resounding in my heart for three weeks and was the main reference for my teaching session.  Thank you for being used so clearly, not just today, but so many times to confirm what the Spirit of the Lord is speaking to His church....


    I cannot thank you enough for how much each article in Herald of His Coming speaks directly to my heart, mind and spirit.  Conviction draws me to my knees and with tears of repentance I am drawn closer to my God.  Every article is spot on.  Again, thank you.


    Thank you for the spiritual food Herald of His Coming supplies my soul.  I especially glean a lot from the Puritan age writers.  Their hearts were full of wisdom and knowledge of the Lord.  When I read the Herald, I use a red pen to circle and underline the paragraphs that I want to go back and read again.  By the time I finish reading, almost the whole paper is marked in red!


    Herald of His Coming has helped me beyond being blessed.  I am always so hungry for material to guide my life. Thank you for all the prayers and the wonderful Herald materials you have sent my way.  They are paying off.  I have been changed by many tests and trials that are establishing my life through deeper spiritual insight.  It is because the ministry freely gives that my soul has been opened to faith in God.


    Herald of His Coming inspires us to love Jesus even more and to seek Him in greater measure.  Thank you for sending the Herald to our family.


    I just received my new issue of Herald of His Coming and I cannot put it down.  It is like a fine dinner and I want to taste everything all at once.  The Herald has been a powerful ministry in my life for over forty years.  I thank the Lord for this blessed ministry.


    Thank you so much for the ministry of Herald of His Coming.  The paper is always greatly encouraging, informative and at times very convicting!  The articles cause us to search our hearts and ask if all is well between us and God.  May the Lord bless all you do for His glory.


    Thank you for another challenging issue of Herald of His Coming!  We need the Word preached – all of it, with the anointing on it – to convince and convict the hearers.  As I talk to my friends who also receive the Herald, all echo the same thought.  And we are all praying for a great revival!  May God send it soon!


    Thank you for continuing to send me copies of Herald of His Coming in both English and Spanish.  I received them for years in prison and used it daily while in Bible study and prayer.  Now I am “on the streets” and learning to re-establish my living situation.  Even now, more than ever, I need the daily reminders from Herald articles to maintain a walk with the Lord in a hectic and essentially godless and “distracted” culture.  I had thought about canceling the Spanish edition since I am no longer housed with brothers who are of Hispanic background.  But I have realized that receiving it encourages me to give away these issues among the many immigrants I meet every day while riding the bus and engaging with the transient community here.  May the Lord multiply each donation to the ministry a hundredfold so that more believers are challenged to be watchful for His return and to live lives of holiness and purity.