"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Days Of Prayer And Fasting

    How thankful we are for the precious brothers and sisters in Christ who labor in the work of Herald International, printing Herald editions in other languages!  Their ministry is a labor of love unto the Lord and unto the readers the Lord has entrusted to them.  We invite you to join us in the following four special days of prayer and fasting for these workers and editions:

Monday, March 18th
Monday, June 17th
Monday, September 16th
Monday, December 16th

   From the website Home Page, Read the Herald, Other Languages you will find a page that provides an overview of countries, editions and workers related to Herald International.  Please pray for their physical health, for their spiritual and physical protection, for strength and boldness, for their message to be powerful and effective, for financial provision, for continued opportunities to share the message of Christ, and for endurance and encouragement.  Pray that in their work with the Herald and in all other aspects of their lives and ministry, they will have great perseverance to carry on faithfully in the Lord’s harvest field.