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Out Of Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I give thanks to our Almighty Lord for His grace shown me in receiving Herald of His Coming.  I love so much the old preachers such as Tozer, etc.  Please send me extra copies of the Herald each month so I can distribute them around my neighborhood.  The name of Jesus needs to be proclaimed.

    Another writes:  I am writing to ask if I can begin receiving Herald of His Coming.  I moved into a house a while back and had been receiving letters, etc., addressed to the previous owner who was deceased.  I finally opened one of the envelopes to see if I could get in touch with the sender to inform them she was deceased.  I was completely shocked to find a newspaper, but more importantly, I was delighted to find it was a Christian outreach paper – Herald of His Coming!  I fell in love with its contents and now would be very grateful to have my own name added to the mailing list.  I thank God for you.

    And another:  Is it not wonderful that, even across the oceans we are family, the bride of Christ?  I need to say a big thank you for each issue of Herald of His Coming that lands on my doorstep!  Always just the right message, inspiring words and encouragement.  We, in our church, are blessed to know and love you.  May God, as you give hope around the world, give unto you too, good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over!


    Bless Herald of His Coming!  I am 81 years old and I remember as a child that my mother had your wonderful paper coming to our farm in Ontario.  What a blessing the paper has been over many, many years!


    Thank you, thank you for sending the additional copies of the March/April 2023 Herald of His Coming with its theme of the Cross of Christ.  I have shared them with other prisoners and, to my joy, I do not have even the one that was mine!  So keep on as we keep you in our prayers every day and night.  God bless you all.


    I would like to thank Herald of His Coming for all the inspiring articles that I receive throughout the year.  I appreciate the godly prayers that make every article relevant to the situations in the world today.  The Lord bless you all.


    I bless God for the ministry of Herald of His Coming.  It is a great encouragement to the church.  Continue the good work!


    I want to take this opportunity to thank Herald of His Coming for the Word of God you are sending to me.  It has helped me spiritually, especially during these end-time days.


    Oyo State:  It is my great delight to write in appreciation of all that Almighty God is doing in and through the Herald of His Coming ministry.  I thank God for His inspiration and anointing on the paper, and pray He will continue to give the ministry fresh unction by the power of the Holy Spirit.  The Herald’s messages stir up in us the spirit of revival knowing sure well that we are in the end-time period.  My prayer is that God’s power will rest mightily on the ministry to His own glory.

    Abia State:  Thank you for sending me Herald of His Coming regularly for prayerful distribution in my country.  The bulk mails have been getting to me safely.  By God’s grace, I have been on your mailing list since the 1970s.  The Lord used the Herald messages to bring me up in the faith as a new believer and then made it possible for me to be one of the Herald distributors.  May the Lord’s great hands continue to uphold the work even until Christ’s Second Coming.


    I am a pastor and have been receiving Herald of His Coming since the early 1990s.  Wherever I have shared Herald messages, the lives of many people have been changed.  I request that you continue to send the Herald to me so I can reach more souls.

    Another writes:  I am writing to thank Herald of His Coming for its commitment to propagate the Gospel and to edify the Body of Christ.  Keep up the good work of the ministry.  I have been a recipient of this anointed paper for over 20 years.  The messages are spiritually uplifting and edifying.  And despite rampant moral corruption, spiritual barrenness and apostasy in the world, the Herald has remained undiluted, relevant and a fountain of encouragement.  I cannot thank you enough.

    And another:  This is to say thank you for sending me a sample copy of Herald of His Coming.  Keep on sending copies to me.  I aspire to be a prayerful woman and I found the Herald to have very resourceful, spiritual articles.  May God bless your ministry.

    And another:  Kindly include me on your mailing list to receive Herald of His Coming.  I have been coming across copies of the paper and have found them inspiring and captivating.  I have had a closer revelation of God and His Word through what I have read.


    Is it possible to receive 15 more copies of the Nov/Dec 2023 issue of Herald of His Coming?  I am so grateful for these writings and for how they touch my heart, pointing me to the Lord.  I have been asking the Lord to deepen my love for Him.  I believe He has answered my request through the articles in the Herald.


    I am so thankful for Herald of His Coming.  The Nov/Dec 2023 issue on loving God is simply feeding my soul and helping me see new facets of God.  I just finished the article by George D. Watson, “Loving God With All Our Heart.”  Wow!  I want to love God like that!  The article is very practical and is increasing my love for God.  I also really have enjoyed the article by F. B. Meyer, “How May We Love Him More?”  Again very practical.  And I am not even half way through the paper.  I just had to write you to say “Thank you!”  It is making a difference in my life.


    I, along with many members of the church I attend, have been reading Herald of His Coming for over forty years (our young ones are jumping in as well), and some of the articles are read regularly in our services.  In light of the current season, our theme at church throughout this year has been “Love Like Jesus Loves,” so when your current issue (Nov/Dec 2023) arrived, we immediately thanked God for the way the Holy Spirit has echoed the same theme in those articles.  Believe me, this has happened many times over the years.  Praise God.


    A sister at our church gave me a copy of  Herald of His Coming.  The articles were extremely edifying and enlightening, and I would like to request to be added to the mailing list.  Also in that issue, there was an offer to receive a free copy of The New Life by Andrew Murray.  I respectfully request to receive a copy of the book.  I look forward to sharing the Herald with others as my sister in Christ shared with me so we can all grow together in faith and remain obedient to the great God whom we serve.  May He continue to bless the Herald ministry with His grace, and may it bear much fruit for His honor and glory and for Christ and His kingdom. 


    I look forward to each issue of Herald of His Coming.  So much meat!  These are darkening days and we need to maintain our hope in Jesus and the promise of His returning.  The Herald is a beacon of light in this darkness.  Thank you!


    Herald of His Coming is always so refreshingly true to God’s Word and to the call of His Spirit to walk in obedience to our Good Shepherd’s voice.  There are so many challenges, and the Herald is a great encouragement.


   God bless Herald of His Coming.  The Jan/Feb 2024 issue is so special as it focuses on Jesus.  We in the Body must, must return to our first love.  Jesus our Lord is the sum total of everything.  Oh how much we need to bask in His presence!