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Faith In And For The Holy Spirit

By Jim Cymbala

    The Holy Spirit is a gift.  God wants to fill us with the Holy Spirit.  There is a time for looking in.  I am not talking about being shallow.  Do the best you can by God’s grace to repent and say, “God, I don’t want to live in any sin.  Convict me of any known sin and things I don’t see.  Show it to me.  Open my heart.”  We do not want to be light about our sins.  But do we believe the promise of the Holy Spirit?  Or are we just going to operate with self-effort and sincerity?  You have to be sincere.  God can never use an actor.  But sincerity alone is not enough.  Doesn’t something tell you inside that God wants to move us to a whole different plane?

    Are we going to have faith in the Holy Spirit and also faith for the Holy Spirit?  “Without faith it is impossible to please God” (Heb. 11:6).  This is where sincerity breaks down.  The first rule of the spiritual life, Jesus said, is “According to your faith so be it unto you” (Matt. 9:29).  Little faith, little God.  “But I am sincere.”  Fine.  You are sincere but you have little faith.  Great faith, great manifestation of God.  This rule is so strong that Jesus Himself could not do many miracles in His own home town of Nazareth, because of their unbelief (Matt. 13:58).  It wasn’t that the demons were too difficult; the sicknesses weren’t too complex.  But because there was unbelief and no expectancy, His hands were tied.  And He was the Son of God!

    If you say, “God is going to do it someday,” thirty years can go by and that “someday” hasn’t come yet.  We have to start believing.  I believe that we need to see an opening of the heavens, that God would come down.  But too many people are dying for me to wait for that.  I’ve got to have revival right now in Brooklyn Tabernacle.  You need to have revival right now in your church.  If you do not have it, whose fault is it?  It is not God’s fault.

    God wants to change us.  And He wants to change us now.  The blood Jesus shed on Calvary has never lost its power.  How many do not want to live in sin?  You want to be like Jesus.  Does God see that?  Let us pray and have faith now for the Holy Spirit!

    – Excerpted.