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Prayer For The Spirit And Revival

By Mark D. Partin

 The Shantung Revival

    In 1920 Christian missionaries in North China were grieved over the spiritually lethargic condition of their churches.  Members showed scant interest for spiritual concerns.  The missionaries began to wonder if many of the people in the churches had accepted Christianity intellectually but had never been spiritually born again.  They began to devote one day a month for praying together for revival.  In March 1927, the Chinese southern revolutionary army burned Nanking, and missionaries were ordered to Chefoo for possible evacuation.  While the missionaries were gathered together waiting to see if they could continue their work or not, they began to study the Scriptures and to ask the Lord why they had been removed from their work.  God spoke to them through His Word.

    A group of missionaries asked Marie Monsen, an Evangelical Lutheran missionary from Norway, to join their prayer meetings.  God used her to challenge them to get right with Him.  The group spent days before the Lord.  They confessed every known sin.  They were reconciled with one another.  God was drawing His people back to Himself.  Marie asked people three penetrating questions:

    1.  Have you been born of the Spirit?
    2.  What evidence do you have of the new birth?
    3.  Have you been filled with the Holy Spirit?

    The hunger for spiritual vitality caused people to do much soul-searching.  C. L. Culpepper, one of the missionaries present, observed, “We felt an electric excitement, a feeling that God was preparing us for something we had never known before.  Christians, especially church leaders, were revived and filled with the Holy Spirit.  Once God’s people drew close to Him, He used them powerfully to impact China.”

The Canadian Revival

    I know Ralph and Lou Sutera personally.  These were the men God used to preach when the Canadian revival took place in Regina, Saskatoon, Canada in 1971.  Listen to Ralph’s account:

    “We started the meetings in Saskatoon with about 190 people present.  Not much happened that first night.  The second night God got hold of a lady in the church who had been praying for a revival in Canada.  God said to her:  ‘How hypocritical can you be?  You are praying for revival in Canada, and you can’t even stand your own pastor’s wife.’  The lady made things right with the pastor’s wife.

    “Then God spoke to her husband.  ‘What about your brother that you have not spoken to for two years?’  He and his brother had a spat thirteen years earlier and for two years they had not spoken to each other.  They used to sing together; now one was in a different church.  One night in the basement of the church, one brother wanted to make things right and the other one said stiffly, ‘Well, it’s about time you made it right.’  Then they both yielded to Christ and reconciled.

    “The revival was on.  It lasted seven weeks and moved from one church to larger church buildings to accommodate the crowd.  The impact was worldwide.”

Corporate Sin:  Prayer Points

    Indifference – Rev. 3:15-16
    Forsaking the Assembly – Heb. 10:24-25
    Withholding Tithes – Mal. 3:8-10
    Dull of Hearing – Heb. 5:11
    Prayerlessness – Isa. 64:7
    Meaningless Ritual – Isa. 1:11
    Carnal Decision Making – Josh. 9:14
    Ungodly Alliances – Isa. 31:1
    Backsliding – Jer. 3:14
    Lewdness – Ezek. 16:58

    Are any of these sins evidenced in your church?  Will you begin now to address these sins in your prayer time?

Scripture Prayer

    Read Acts 2:1-6.

    God of Grace, I need Your presence and fullness in my life.  Fill me afresh with Your Holy Spirit.  Let me be emptied of self, so You can fill me.  Let revival begin in me.  Father, the church needs an outpouring of Your presence, too.  Teach us to come together in one accord as on the Day of Pentecost.

    Show me my sin.  Show me any area where I have a broken relationship in the church.  Teach me to guard the unity of the church.  Show me where I am disobeying Your Word.  Am I a faithful steward of my time?  My talents and gifts?  My treasures?  Am I faithful to the church?  Show me, O, Lord.

    Lord, I need Your Holy Spirit to come into my life like a mighty rushing wind, just as You did at Pentecost.  Cleanse me, control me.  I cannot live the Christian life without the Holy Spirit living through me.  Pour out Your Spirit and give me a great awareness of spiritual things.  Open my spiritual eyes to see, my spiritual ears to hear, and my mind to understand.  Let the fullness of the Holy Spirit be evidenced in my life.

    Father, send Your cleansing fire upon me.  Let Your cleansing fire rest on me, in me, and ignite me for Your glory.  Consume me, fill me with Your Holy Spirit, and transform me.  Let me speak forth Your Word to whatever group of people I am with.  Fill me and use me for Your glory.

    Thank You.  You are glorious and holy, and I praise You.  Continue to stir in me a passion to pray, witness, and worship You.  O, Lord, send revival among Your people.  In Jesus’ name, amen.

    – Taken from Crying Out To God by Mark D. Partin.  Copyright © 2024 by Mark D. Partin.  Used by permission.

    Mark Partin has been a pastor since 1985 and is the founder of Minister to Minister International, a ministry that takes the message of revival to preachers and ministers around the world encouraging them in their walk with Jesus Christ.