"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Out Of Mail Box 279

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    Herald of His Coming is such a refreshing addition to my reading resources.  It has been such a blessing in my life.  Our Lord is so real and I can feel the Holy Spirit in the pages of the paper, and I am spiritually energized and awakened by every issue.  There are times I reread old issues and I keep receiving from the Lord – it is amazing.  Thank you and please continue the work for the Lord because many lives are being touched and transformed.


    I have received Herald of His Coming for many years and have been very blessed by reading it.  I am praying for you always.  The articles on revival and repentance are very edifying and challenging.


    With a grateful heart, I thank God that the ministry has been able to send me Herald of His Coming for so many years (since the 1970s).  What a blessing it is to me!  I get stirred up when I read the Herald.  I need to be stirred up and to press on to the prize that is set before me.  I need to run, like Paul, to redeem the time because I want to be ready when Jesus comes.  May our wonderful Savior bless the ministry and the Word to advance His kingdom.

    Another writes: I wish to thank you from the bottom of my heart for sending Herald of His Coming so faithfully to me.  It has been a tremendous blessing to me and many others who get them from me every month.  Amongst them are several pastors and church leaders who really enjoy them and make use of them in their congregations.  Please keep on with this gracious paper.


    I thank God for a friend of mine who shared copies of Herald of His Coming with me.  Now that he has moved, I have not been able to read the paper.  The Herald has helped me a lot in the ministry as a pastor of a pioneering church.  May I request you to please send me monthly copies of the Herald.  I look forward to receiving it.


    Herald of His Coming is really a blessing to the people of God.  I have been receiving the paper for ten years.  I am really encouraged, challenged, corrected and lifted up by the contents I read.  I need to stay on the mailing list.  May God bless the ministry.


    Herald of His Coming is such a blessing.  Thank you for remaining faithful to the Authority of Christ and the inerrant Word of Scripture.  This is rare in this present age of the church where there is so much deception, heresy and false teaching.  God bless all of you always with every blessing in Christ Jesus our Lord.

    Another writes: Many thanks for such a faithful and excellent publication in Herald of His Coming.  My single copy is passed on to a number of others, and they too are encouraged.

    And another: I look forward with eager anticipation to each issue of Herald of His Coming.  It is always edifying, thought-provoking and satisfying food for my spirit.


    I just wanted to say thank you for continuing to send me Herald of His Coming.  The articles continue to be of great value to me and to the people I minister.  May the Lord of the Harvest continue to protect and provide for the ministry,


    Thank you very much for the September and October issues of Herald of His Coming.  I am very glad to get a Christian paper.  The Herald is always a blessing to me.  May God bless you richly!


    Lagos State:  From my early days after giving my life to Christ, I have had the opportunity to read copies of Herald of His Coming from one of my elder brothers. I have grown to love reading the messages and am spiritually nourished by them.  Thank you and God bless you.

    Kaduna State: I am writing to express my gratitude to Herald of His Coming for the balanced and life-transforming messages I have received so far.  I have been greatly inspired and encouraged on this pilgrim journey.  May the almighty God continue to sustain you in this wonderful ministry.

    Abia State: Since I started reading and studying Herald of His Coming, my life has changed for good.  As a minister of the Gospel, I am really blessed by the issues I receive.  I prepare sermons from them at times, and they inform and inspire my prayer life as well.  I am grateful to you.  May the good Lord continue to bless you and to promote His work in your hands. 

    FCT State:  I want to express my thanks for the good things Herald of His Coming has done in my life, family and ministry. Every time I receive the paper it is a period of refreshment to my soul.  It has helped me to pray more and I use it to prepare my sermons.  It is good for my spiritual growth.


    Thank you for the Herald of His Coming and all your work.  The Herald is very timely, encouraging, comforting and helpful.


    I really appreciate the work that God is doing through Herald of His Coming.  Since I began receiving the paper, my life and the lives of the people with whom I have shared the messages have changed.  I request that you continue to send us the Herald so we can continue to pass the messages to others.  As the time of our Lord Jesus’ Return grows closer, one observes the growing darkness and apostasy taking over the world.  The Herald continues to be a source of spiritual encouragement.

    Another writes: I am blessed by the Spirit-inspired messages in Herald of His Coming.  I have been revived in my devotion to the Lord and enriched – along with those to whom I minister. 

    And another: My pastor and I wish to extend our sincere gratitude to Herald of His Coming.  The issues we have been receiving have been a great source of inspiration and spiritual nourishment.  We are very grateful to God for using the Herald to enlighten us on matters of God’s kingdom and holiness. 


    The monthly Herald of His Coming is very encouraging, with meaning and depth in content.  It brings out the truth from the Word of God clearly and convincingly.  Continue the good work that God is doing through you.


    In this age of increasing evil and the lessening of “voices crying in the wilderness,” Herald of His Coming stands as a beacon of truth and light.  Thank you so much!


    I have received my first copy of Herald of His Coming and read it from cover to cover.  What an inspiration it is!  I can’t wait to receive the next one.  I love the Scriptures printed on the top of each page.  I wish I had known of this newsletter years ago.  Please keep it circulating around the world.  I cannot stress enough of what a blessing it is. 


    Every article in Herald of His Coming is nourishment for my soul.  I especially enjoyed the February issue of this year.  I devoured it page by page and reread it several times!  God bless you!


    In a day of deception and confusion, how refreshing and stirring it is to receive Herald of His Coming – a wonderful publication of truth!  Many churches have laid aside the doctrines of the Bible, but thank God for those who are still holding on to His eternal, life-giving, deliverance-bringing Word.


    I am so thankful and blessed to receive Herald of His Coming.  I love reading my Bible because it is truth and life, the Word of God.  But I also love to read the Herald.  It makes me want to draw closer to the Lord.  I get stirred up, and it makes me want to wake up and move up, and be ready for Jesus’ Coming.  I do not want to slumber nor be asleep.  I just want to be ready for the Lord’s Coming!