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Out Of Mail Box 279 

Showing the power of the Holy Spirit working through the printed page


    I am very happy to let you know that the forty copies of Herald of His Coming we receive each month reach more than forty churches.  The Herald messages are very anointed and heart-burning.  Personally I have been edified, challenged and motivated.  My prayer life has changed drastically, especially in the area of intercession, holy living, reaching out for lost souls.  In Sister Kim Butts’ good teaching messages, however, my family altar has benefitted.  We fellowship every evening, reciting Bible verses, praising, worshiping and reading God’s Word.  Praise the Lord!  May you receive our greetings from the church, my family and from the Herald readers who are blessed through the forty copies we receive each month. 


    I always thank God for Herald of His Coming.  Every time I receive a copy I ask myself what theme is the copy talking about this time or what does God want me to know from this issue?  I have used copies of the Herald to share the Word of God in my church.  I have also introduced it to some of our church leaders and they have liked the teaching of God’s Word.  Also a copy is used by teachers in our school during pastoral work.  May our good Lord bless and provide for the ministry.

    Another writes:  I am grateful I can now access for myself the articles of Herald of His Coming.  I was reading the Herald through a friend.  I weep and cry as I read the articles.  God has really spoken to me through Herald messages and changed my life.

    And another:  Allow me, with a heart full of gratitude, to sincerely appreciate the great work of faith the ministry of Herald of His Coming is engaged in.  It has now been over two and a half decades since you first put me on your mailing list, and as I receive this most recent edition I just cannot find enough words to thank you for the blessings each edition brings to me, my family and the ministry of the Gospel.  Since I received the first copy in the early 1990s, my wife and I have immensely benefited from this wonderful tool as we do ministry.  The July/August edition could not have come at a better time now that we have relocated to a new location, a growing urban centre in the western region of Kenya where idolatry and witchcraft are so rampant and widespread.  Indeed, we will have to depend, now more than ever before, on the Holy Spirit to impact lives for Christ Jesus.  Especially because of the current wave in our generation of the influx of false teachers faking miracles to beguile the simple population desperately seeking for God.  It’s my humble and sincere request that you continue to pray for us. 


    I am a Christian refugee residing in Norway and I am one of the beneficiaries of Herald of His Coming.  I also share the teachings with my fellow Eritreans who are unable to understand English.  We greatly appreciate the different articles in the issues.  May God bless you to reach more and more areas in the world where the teaching can be used to change the lives of unbelievers. 


    I have been reading Herald of His Coming as far back as 1978 to date.  I have grown from strength to strength in my spiritual life through the powerful, Spirit-filled pages.  I am praying for the Herald ministry on a regular basis.

    Another writes:  Words cannot describe how grateful I am to receive each and every edition of Herald of His Coming.  May God continue to be with the ministry as it trumpets the Truth of God around the world.  I hold you all in my heart and prayers! 


    The articles in Herald of His Coming are wonderful.  I feel lonely sometimes.  The messages I read in the Herald bless my life and lift me up. 


    Calvary greetings!  I wish to thank you most heartily for the faithful service Herald of His Coming has been rendering to believers all over the world through the years.  I just read the last copy you sent to me.  It was so uplifting and the messages had tremendous quickening and anointing. 


    Lagos State:  May the good Lord continue to bless Herald of His Coming.  The ministry has always refreshingly and positively impacted my life.  And by extension my ministry has grown as a teacher and disciple of Christ.

    Rivers State:  I want to use this opportunity to thank you for regularly sending me Herald of His Coming.  I have been a reader of the Herald for many years during which my spiritual life and Bible knowledge have greatly increased.  May God bless you for all the ministry is doing for His Kingdom. 


    I am so thankful for all the Herald of His Coming issues I have received.  Thank you for mailing me this enriching magazine regularly.  Please continue to put my name in your mailing list. 


    What a blessing it is to receive Herald of His Coming every month.  The Lord speaks to my heart whatever theme is chosen.  It is inspiring, uplifting and challenging.  May you long continue this blessed work.

    Another writes:  Thank you for faithfully sending me Herald of His Coming over the years.  It has been a source of great blessing to me.  The Lord has fed my spirit and soul through it in immeasurable ways.  Keep up the good work. 


    The June 2018 issue of Herald of His Coming on Bible reading was so needed!  It ought to make us all more thankful to God for giving us His very Word, and admit we have been neglectful of the privilege of studying it.  Please don’t ever change the Herald format.  Every one of the plain paper pages has so much good teaching... 


    I want to express my thanks for Herald of His Coming.  I read it cover to cover and share it with my pastor and friends.  I am thankful for the ministry the Herald has to people all over the world, sowing the Word of God. 


    What a blessing Herald of His Coming is each month!  My husband often reads portions of it to his men’s prayer group at work. 


    Herald of His Coming is very inspiring.  I love the selection of authors, especially Andrew Murray.  I look forward to each one and I share them with friends.  May God bless with the needed resources for the ministry. 


    I am always very grateful to read every article in Herald of His Coming.  They help to equip us, to stand strong and to stand firm through the Word of God in this evil world. 


    Thank you for the encouraging, wonderful, God-exalting articles in Herald of His Coming.  We look forward to receiving it each time, read it thoroughly and pass it along.  Blessings! 


    I am really thankful to God for the ministry of Herald of His Coming.  I wait every month to read it.  It is a spring of heavenly water.  Thank you.

    Another writes:  I am always blessed, encouraged and challenged to follow Jesus more wholeheartedly as I read the inspiring, truth-filled articles in Herald of His Coming.  May God bless, protect and provide for the ministry’s every need. 


    Herald of His Coming is always fresh and anointed and feeds our souls.  We feel that our nation is in a crucial time and all Christians need to be hearing what the Holy Spirit is saying to the church at this time. 


    I praise the Lord for all the Herald of His Coming ministry is doing to take the Gospel to the four corners of the world.  Keep up the good work God has for you to do.  We must all work while we can.  Time is growing short.