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Parents As Intercessors

By Andrew Murray

    A godly parent has power with God to intercede. We see, through the whole course of God’s dealings with parents, from Noah downwards, that God gives the parent the right and the power to appear and act in behalf of the child, and that such representative action is accepted. To lay hold of this clearly, is the very essence of parental faith; to act upon it, the secret of parental power and blessing. The whole family constitution is based upon this; all the other influence a parent is to exert depends much on being clear on this point: I am the steward of God’s grace to the child; I represent the child with God, and am heard on his behalf. This makes the parent confident in saying, I represent God with my child; I have God’s help to give me influence and power.

    Dear parents, let us plead very earnestly that God may by His Spirit enlighten our hearts to know this our calling – as parents to intercede and prevail for our children. We want the Holy Spirit so to shine upon God’s purposes with us, that in our family life, and the dealings with our children, the first thing shall be, not the happiness of parental love, not the care for the providing all the good gifts they daily need, not the thought of their education for a life of prosperity and usefulness, but the yielding ourselves to God’s redeeming love, to be every day the ministers of its grace and blessing. Let us live to secure God’s purpose – the deliverance from sin; let us act in the assurance that He will use us. And our family, even though there be still the remains of sin in the home, shall evermore be lighted up with God’s own presence, and with the joy of the heavenly home, of which it is the nursery and the image.


    Blessed Lord, teach us, we pray Thee, the fear of God in its full power and extent, trembling at the sins of our children, and interceding for them. Oh, teach us, Lord, to fear sin as the one thing Thy soul hateth, and to make it our one care that the children sin not.

    Teach us to realize our God-given position as intercessors, and to plead the blood for them as definitely and as believingly as for ourselves. May we know in faith that we are heard.

    And teach us so in prayer to bring them with us, so to speak and pray at the right time and way, that from us they may learn both the fear of God and the confidence of faith. O God, if we are indeed Thy children, may this element distinctly mark our piety and our faith, that they embrace and influence our homes as much as ourselves, that they stamp home and family life as wholly the Lord’s. Amen.

    – Condensed from The Children For Christ.