Praying In The Name Of Jesus

By David Bryant

    When you say, "I pray this prayer in Jesus’ name," what does that mean? Does that mean I pray this with His authority? Yes. Does that mean I pray this because I belong to Him? Absolutely. You are taking His identity upon yourself. That is what gives you the authority and the right to come before the throne of grace.

    But may I suggest that no prayer is valid if we cannot also say at the end of it: "Father, I pray this in Jesus’ name – because I believe that if You answer this prayer, it will increase the focus of many on the supremacy of Your Son; it will increase our experience of the fullness of the supremacy of Your Son; if You answer this prayer I believe it will help to advance the purposes of Your Son."

    That is what it means to pray in Jesus’ name. That is what gives me confidence that if I ask according to His will I have what I ask (1 John 5:14-15). If it is all about the Son, if it is all about the life that is in the Son, if I pray with that understanding and that agenda – then I know He hears me and will answer me.

    It is good to ask yourself before you ask anything of the Lord, "To what end am I about to pray this? What do I ultimately expect to come out of this? How far into the horizons of God’s promises am I willing to look as I ask this prayer?" Then when you finish a prayer, see if you can finish with this little phrase, "Father, I ask this in order that…." Try for a few days never praying a prayer without finishing with the phrase, "in order that..." and then you fill in the blank. I am suggesting that what you put after that phrase has to relate somehow, directly, to the supremacy of Christ.


The Prayer Of All Prayers

By David Bryant

    "…Come, Lord Jesus" (Rev. 22:20).

    …All of this brings us to the last prayer of the Bible. In a sense it is just one word. All the prayers of all God’s people for all the ages can be boiled down to one word. That woArd is "Come." What is that prayer asking to happen? When John says, "Come" at the end of the Book of Revelation, having seen the consummation of all history, having seen the kingdoms of this world become the kingdom of our Lord and of the anointed King upon His throne, John is saying, "Come, Lord Jesus! I want to see You reveal Your supremacy to that degree and no less, so there will be an awakening to You that saturates this entire universe, that scatters all the darkness, destroys all the enemy and quickens all the saints forever!" That is how the Bible ends – with a one-word prayer for a Christ awakening!

    Should not such a passion for His glory possess all of us who seek God for genuine revival among the nations?