"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

"Will You Not Revive Us Again That Your People May Rejoice In You?" (Psalm 85:6)

By Charles H. Spurgeon

    "Will You not revive us again?" What is this prayer if it is analyzed and we get to the very soul of it?

    Well, it means, first, dependence upon God. If you are praying this prayer aright, you feel, "Lord, nobody can revive us but Yourself." People often talk about "getting up a revival." Is not that a wicked thing? The machinery for getting up a revival may often be the greatest hindrance to true godliness! A church cannot be revived unless God revives it! Not a soul is saved, not a saint is quickened and made to grow except by the work of God. That is what this prayer means, "Lord, put Your hand to the work. Put Your right hand to it, we beseech You. We depend alone upon You. Will You not revive us again?"

    The essence of this prayer is, next, confidence in God. "Lord, You can revive us again. We are not so deep in the mire but that You can lift us out. We are not so dead but that You can make us alive. Will You not revive us again? It is impossible to us, but it is possible to You. Lord, one touch of Your hand, a breath from Your blessed lips, and it is done. Will You not revive us again?" Brothers, Sisters, we believe in God, do we not? And if we do, we believe that whatever state a church is in, God can bring it out of it! Do not run away from it and say, "God can never bless it." He can bless it! Pray it up into a blessing and make this the essence of your prayer, "Lord, You can revive us. We believe it, and we look for it."

    The essence of this prayer is, next, importunity with God. "Will You not revive us again?" It is earnest pleading, it is pushing the point home, it is urging it with God. Do this, I pray you, dear Brothers and Sisters, with regard to the state of the church at the present time. If half a dozen of you would shut yourselves up a while and begin to cry to God for a revival of religion – and if you continued to cry more and more until it came – there would be grand hopes. If we could get a band of men and women who would give God no rest until He made His Jerusalem a praise in the earth, we should see something that would make our very eyes sparkle, and our hearts dance for joy! It needs but that we wrestle with the Angel of the Covenant and we may have what we will. We may be in a bad case, but we are not worse off than the churches were years ago, yet God heard the prayers of mourners in Zion who in secret places cried to Him – and He will hear our prayers, too! Therefore, let us make a solemn league and covenant together, and let us in union and concert of prayer wait upon the Lord and hear what He shall speak, for He will yet speak peace unto His people if we do but know how to ask for it. I leave with you who are the King’s remembrancers this sweet prayer to be prayed night and day – "Will You not revive us again that Your people may rejoice in You?"

    – From a sermon A Prayer For Revival.