"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

The Finish Line

By Lois J. Stucky

    Perhaps we comprehend too little how much in Eternity depends on the way we run the race here. The Apostle Paul, who had heavenly revelations beyond the rest of us, had great desire to "PRESS" toward the mark (Phil. 3:14). What had he seen or understood that thus inspired him? Why did he exhort others as in Philippians 3:15 to be thus minded, to also press toward the mark?

    The finish line might be close for all of us. We do not know when our Lord will come again. We ought to be found on the track, at our best when the trumpet sounds.

    God does not want His people just straggling across the finish line, but crossing in triumph – "in a blaze of glory" someone has expressed it. There is a falling away and an apostasy, but there must also be revival among the faithful!

    There are exceeding abundant possibilities of what God will do when He comes to His people in great power. The need is so vast. Time could be so short. Oh, to see God come down in a fresh way and do His mighty works, to confound the enemy and to glorify His Name, and to complete His work before the end shall come!

    Faith is rising in many hearts. Do you not feel the call becoming stronger: "Come closer!" "Seek Me diligently!" "Break up the fallow ground of your heart!" "Prepare for Christ’s coming!" In a measure we have been striving to this end for years. But the call is intensifying. The finish line is just ahead. It is time to call forth the reserve – to make the final burst of effort.