"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

February 2013 Issue

The Holy Spirit’s Power In The Believer
By R. A. Torrey

Hope And Comfort In A World Of Suffering
By Rich Carmicheal

The Holy Spirit And Prayer
By Andrew Murray

The Secret Of A Real Prayer Life
By J. Stuart Holden

“Ye Shall Receive Power”
By Oswald J. Smith

The Holy Spirit Will Set You Ablaze
By Wesley L. Duewel

The Fire Of God In Our Day
By James A. Stewart

Luminous Christians
By Duncan Campbell
Cleansing For Spiritual Fullness
By Ruth Paxson

We Need Holy Fire!
Born After Midnight *
By A. W. Tozer

Glorious Results Of The Spirit’s Coming
By Charles H. Spurgeon

The Holy Spirit In The Family
By Andrew Murray

Marie Monsen – Among Pirates: The Faithfulness Of God (Part 5) *
"Make Ready A People Prepared . . ."
By Lois J. Stucky


* This article is not available through the Herald website.