March 2013 Issue

God’s Word – Light, Life And Power
By Adolph Saphir

Hold Forth The Word Of Life
By Rich Carmicheal

The Word Of God Brings Spiritual Renewal
By Ruth Paxson

Essentials In Bible Study For Personal Spiritual Growth
By Ruth Paxson

God’s Word Demands Your Immediate Attention!
By Charles H. Spurgeon

The Judging Word
By Horatius Bonar

An Exhortation To Preachers And Teachers
By Charles H. Spurgeon

Word-Centered Revival
By Richard Owen Roberts

Faith Acts On The Word Of God
By George Müller

The Study Of The Word Of God Begets Faith In The Soul
God’s Sustaining Promises
By William Gurnall

Tools For Studying God’s Word – A Family Study Of Psalm 119
By Kim Butts

Read Reverently
Clean Because Of God’s Word
Pastor Blumhardt (1805-1880): His Life And Ministry (Part 1)
Laying Up God’s Word In Our Hearts
By Lois J. Stucky