"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

The Judging Word

By Horatius Bonar

    There is a last day. This world shall not always roll on. There shall be a stoppage, a break. God shall interpose at length. He shall speak and not be silent. He shall make bare His arm. It is God’s day that is coming. "He hath appointed a day." Not "the last" in one sense; for there shall be no last day either to righteous or wicked. But in reference to the existing state, and order, and run of things and events, there is a last day, a winding up, a reckoning. The world’s great river shall at last reach the sea. "Tomorrow" shall then cease, and that word of mystery, and procrastination, and suspense be known no more.

    That day shall be one of judgment. The long unsettled cases of earth shall be settled then. Time’s riddles shall all be solved. Time’s mysteries shall all be cleared up. Time’s wrongs shall be righted. The oppressed shall be vindicated; the triumphing of the wicked shall cease; the evildoer shall be put to shame. Nor more error, or unbelief or falsehood, or wrong judgment upon men and things. No calling good evil, and evil good; no putting light for darkness, or darkness for light. No shams, no shadows, no mockeries, no dishonesties, no hypocrisies. All shall be transparency, light, truth, righteousness. The judgment shall be just; undoing the evil; establishing and perfecting the good; no partiality; no respect of persons; no fear of man; no bribery nor corrupt influence; no hesitations nor imperfect decisions. The Judge is righteous and His sentences will be righteous like Himself.

    Christ’s Word shall judge us. Not that this Word is to supersede the Judge, but it will form the test, the ground of judgment. By this Word, then, let us judge ourselves just now, that we may not be condemned by it in the great day. It is a living Word; quick and powerful, like Him who spoke it. Let us apply it. What has it done for us? Has it brought us nigh to God? Has it set us in the position of pardoned men? Has it poured in peace and light? Has it done, and is it doing for us, such things as these? It was meant to do so. Is it doing so?

    If not hitherto, shall it not do so now? Remember, it is a judging, testing, discerning Word with which you have to do. It is sharper than a two-edged sword. It will not allow itself to be trifled with. It carries its own judgment, its own vengeance within it. It demands immediate reception; and it promises, upon that reception, immediate forgiveness, and an everlasting salvation. He that receives the Word of the Amen, the true and faithful witness, shall be saved. There is no "if," no "perhaps," no doubting about it. It is a present certainty; and a certainty as absolute as it is present. In that Word is life, peace, pardon, reconciliation; and the moment that faith touches that Word, all these flow out into the soul. Yes; he that believeth shall be saved; but he that believeth not shall be damned.

    – From Light and Truth: or, Bible Thoughts and Themes. The Gospels.