Read Reverently

    One of the main sources of power in the life of George Müller of Bristol, England, was his devotion to the Bible. He read it reverently every day, and gave the following principles for reading the Bible for personal profit.

    • Read regularly. Read alternately from the Old and New Testaments. Begin at the beginning of each. Mark where you leave off each day. When you have finished each Testament, begin it again.

    • Read prayerfully. Seek carefully the help of the Holy Spirit so that He will enlighten you.

    • Read with meditation. Ponder the truth so that it may be applied to your heart. Better read a little, and think much, than read much and think little.

    • Read with reference to yourself. Never read only with a view to instructing others. Ask yourself, "How does this affect me, my faith, my life, my service?"

    • Read with faith. Not critically, but to discover the revealed Word of God. Rest upon God’s promises, warnings and commands as of vital importance.

    • Read to carry into practice. Accept God’s Word as being the revelation of His will. He expects us to do, as well as to know.

    • Read it to find Christ in the whole Word of God. As He is promised, incarnate, atoning for sin, resurrected, ever living, coming again!