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Judgment Must Begin At The House Of God

By W. B. Stevenson

    If true judgment has its proper place among God’s people, there will be no more leniency toward sin than there will be at the great final Judgment. We will then be judged by the same standard of righteousness that the Holy Spirit is holding us to now. The soul that does not appreciate God’s standard of righteousness will have to face it finally at the great Judgment.

    There is a spirit in this world that would like to make God feel embarrassed and chagrined with His standard of righteousness. It declares that He requires too much, that it is impossible for anyone to live up to it, and that the holy way is too narrow.

    When real Holy Ghost, Judgment Day honesty grips a person, he sees that God’s standard is just where it ought to be. When the Holy Spirit is in full charge of things, all that is sinful and unholy is set aside and is made to suffer. It ought always to be that way. The Holy Ghost should not be quenched and the saints made to suffer, while sin and the wrong spirit are liberated.

    At the great final Judgment, man will be sobered and brought to his senses, and will be able to see things rightly, and the blame will be placed right where it belongs. Nothing short of that will bring on the awakening revival that is needed today, and that will bring glory to God.

    At the final Judgment, God will be fully justified. His purity will no longer be under suspicion or be questioned. Sin will be revealed as exceedingly sinful, and no one will glory in it. Men will be made to see things as they never saw them before.

    Likewise, judgment must attend every revival in order for things to be straightened out and for God to be glorified.

    – From Emmanuel Herald.