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June 2013 Issue

Called To Tell The World Of God’s Love
By Andrew Murray

Reaching The Lost
By Rich Carmicheal

We Must Be Eternity-Minded
By Brian H. Edwards

A Soul Will Never Die
By William K. Norton

Is Evangelism Dead?
By Oswald J. Smith

When Do We Need Revival?
By Oswald J. Smith

Conviction Of Sin
By Oswald J. Smith

What It Means To Accept Christ *
By A. W. Tozer

Every Believer A Witness
By A. E. Reinschmidt

Soul Winners And Their Prayers
By Samuel L. Brengle

The Soul Winner Must Pray
By R. A. Torrey

Promises For Family Salvation
By J. A. Huffman

Praying For Our Children’s Salvation
Let’s Win The Children!
By Paul W. Rood

Winning Children To Christ
Children And The Bible
By John Matthews

David Livingstone, Pioneer Missionary In Africa (Part 2)
Making A Difference
By Lois J. Stucky


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