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Praying For Our Children’s Salvation

    "I had always prayed for my children," said Carvosso, "but now I grasped the promises with the hand of faith, and retired daily at special seasons to put the Lord to His Word.

    "I said nothing of what I felt or did to any one but the Searcher of hearts, with whom I wrestled in an agony of prayer."

    About two weeks after, he was called from his work to pray with his daughter, who became a seeker of Christ. His eldest son was converted at the same time.

    Regarding his younger son he says: "I laid hold, by faith, on the promise which I had while pleading for my other children. One day while I was wrestling with God in mighty prayer for him, these words were applied with power to my mind: ‘There shall not an hoof be left behind’ (Ex. 10:26). Soon after, he yielded and obtained the knowledge of salvation by the remission of sins."

    A dull and careless way of praying for our children will avail nothing. It may conceal hypocrisy, or strengthen deception concerning our own piety, but it will not move God nor convert a single soul. Our friends know that we are not in earnest, and care little for it.

    But let us take hold of the matter in a spirit corresponding to the magnitude of the object to be secured, and there will be a movement.