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Practical Ways To Encourage Children To Pray

By Kim Butts

    • Be a good example and role model of a praying person.

    • Read Psalms and sing praise songs together. Pray the words back to the Lord as your highest praise to Him.

    • Help children to be aware of God’s blessings and answered prayer.

    • Give your children opportunity to pray for you and your needs. Ask how you can be praying for them as well.

    • Pray with your children about school, teachers, friends, and other issues that concern them.

    • Get involved in prayer events together such as Praying Through the Window, National Day of Prayer, etc.

    • Pray over family decisions together.

    • Make a Family Prayer Notebook. Include pictures of family members, friends, missionaries, pastors, and others you are praying for together. Make sure to have a section for aACnswered prayers!

    • Adopt a people group as a family. Learn as much as you can about them and pray for the church to be planted in their midst. Pray for the children and their families to come to Christ.

    • Pray for your nation and its leaders.