Make Ready For Harvest!

By Al Whittinghill

    Every day we seem to be flooded with events that indicate to any honest and thinking person that something BIG is developing in the arena of biblical prophecy. In fact, every area of life and society seems to be trumpeting that the Scriptures concerning the coming of the Lord are being fulfilled. Things on the world stage seem to be lining up in unmistakable ways to match the things foretold in Scripture signaling the return of Christ. We should each be asking ourselves if we are ready to meet Him. As His children, do we see that He has given us the wonderful privilege of being His, and that we have been entrusted with the Gospel and to be living testimonies of His resurrection? Each of us has been placed on earth especially for these last days. It is our eternal honor to "walk with Him in white," and let Him make us a channel of HIS light and love in these days of deception and darkness.

Perilous Times

    The world hates to admit that its "moral mechanisms" have run down like an old clock, and that it has no solutions to address the myriad of multiple crises of this hour. Evil men continue to grow worse and worse...and they seem to be becoming haughtier each day as they blindly rush on trying to establish a new world order without Christ and His truth. The raging against Jesus Christ and His church is becoming very intense in almost every nation. Psalm 2 would be good to meditate upon at this point! Let us ask Him for the nations, and for the uttermost parts of the earth as His inheritance. He says, "Ask of Me...and I will give" (Psa. 2:8). Prayer is the only way to bring God’s will to earth...and that is by His design. We have not because we ask not.

    Just beneath the surface of all the false confidences that the world is looking to, and underlying all the rhetoric and reasonings, there is a chaos of panic raging. Anyone can see that these are perilous times (Luke 21:25-28). Many world leaders continue to literally get away with murder and corruption, and deceive the hearts of many with their "fair speeches" and outright lies (Rom. 16:18). And this cover up of the real state of affairs is being perpetuated by the world’s media as they continue to try to convince the gullible and self-seeking that "things are getting better." The truth is...almost everyone is worried and even afraid! Friends, there is a very real reason to be afraid for those who do not know the peace and promise that comes from being a blood-bought child of God and being secured in an everlasting covenant relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ.

A Day of Opportunity

    There is "a rumor from the Lord in the land" (Jer. 49:14) and men instinctively know that the day of the Lord is drawing near. God is speaking to hearts in unmistakable ways; and even the skeptics will admit it in a rare moment of honesty. Many atheists secretly tremble as they see the epic developments in our day that are "causing men’s hearts to fail them for fear" (Luke 21:26). They know that something is up!

    The entertainments of time and the playthings of dust that many are using to drown out the deep and nagging conviction of the Lord will soon cease in their ability to distract hearts. It is beginning to be impossible for anyone to hide from the fact that all humanity has an imminent date with Deity! Very soon a lot of people are going to be looking for real answers. Christ in us desires to give them His answer of His Light and Love as we hold forth the Word of God (see Phil. 2:15-16). There will be many who will refuse to listen and will continue to harden their hearts to God’s voice no matter what. Eventually they will even try to hide themselves from His face, even when they know full well that there is nowhere to hide (Rev. 6:15-17).

    We are entering a day of great opportunity to preach and share the Gospel with multitudes of prepared hearts! Let us be ready! I believe that the Lord is about to give the privilege of powerful ministry to His children who truly know Him, and who have a secret history of true fellowship with Him in prayer and His Word (see Dan.11:32; 12:3-4). Friends, the Lord will soon own His true church in glorious reviving power! That is His promise and plan. Harvest is coming! But we must realize that there will be a cost to those who "shine as lights in the darkness." Darkness hates light! We are called to be the salt of the earth...not sugar. And there is a great difference in the two, even though they look alike at first. We have been entrusted with the heartbeat and stewardship of the Gospel in these days, and this must become our greatest priority. We are to follow Him and walk in the privilege of all that it means to be His.

The School of Prayer

    It almost seems that the pressures in our day that God is allowing to come upon the church are lovingly "customized" for us! God is calling His church to enroll anew in His school of prayer. Let us learn our lessons well and continue to look to Him in trusting love, absolute surrender, and heartfelt obedience. Let us in faith and love make the choice to give ourselves to prayer and to the ministry of the Word of God. Then we will begin to see His amazing power and deliverance in ways not known before (Jer. 33:3). Maranatha!

    – Used by permission. Al Whittinghill is an itinerant preacher/teacher of God’s Word with Ambassadors for Christ International, 1355 Terrell Mill Rd., Bldg. 1462-100, Marietta GA 30067. Web: