Called In A Crisis Hour

By Lois J. Stucky

    No doubt many times in the history of mankind have been considered crisis times, but this hour is unique because we are nearer to the coming again of our Lord Jesus Christ than any previous generation, perhaps very near His coming. It is not a thing to be taken casually that God has called and trusted us to serve His noble purposes in this particular generation! The whole world is in crisis!

    The tone of urgency in this issue of Herald of His Coming corresponds to the Apostle Paul’s message to the Romans in which he exhorted readers to be aware of the hour in which they had been called to live and to behave themselves accordingly. Here is a brief word from his admonition: "It is high time to awake out of sleep…the day is at hand…put on the armor of light" (Rom. 13:11-12).

    According to our Lord Jesus, we who belong to Him are the light of the world (Matt. 5:14). Albert Barnes in his commentary says that Christians are by instruction and example to show the way to God. The eyes of the world are upon Christians. Their actions cannot be hid. They must be seen. Let us strive to be true lights shining in the world’s darkness of our generation.

    We have often been inspired by those who have gone through crisis times for God before us. In desperation they sought God, and He answered above what they asked or thought. Let us not underestimate what God is able to do in our crisis hour if we will earnestly seek His face. Let us hold tightly to our faith and prayer for revival! Uniting our efforts with others, and favored by a merciful, prayer-hearing God, we will yet see blessed things from Him in this crisis hour of our generation.

Laborers Together

    Some of you dear friends we hear from regularly. We rejoice in your great faithfulness and the rich blessing it is to the kingdom of God. When Rich calls the staff together to pray over the first copies of a new issue of Herald of His Coming, we have the pages of the paper before us. Also there is the deposit bag containing the funds received that day to represent those that have come through the month making it possible for this new issue to be mailed to readers around the world. This signifies our awareness of the essential part you take to help carry the Gospel light far beyond the reach of any one of us individually. We ever welcome additional friends who will join to extend the outreach God is giving to the ministry at home and abroad even farther.

    Nor do we cease to thank God for those whose prayers known only to God undergird His work here. Please pray with us that God will be gladdened and that His Kingdom will be significantly advanced by our united labors. Please pray for power from on high to rest on the approximately 78,000 Herald of His Coming papers mailed out monthly to help Christians prepare for the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, plus an average of at least 2,000 salvation heralds sent monthly across this land and to a variety of nations around the world to lead the unsaved to Christ.

    Importantly, let us pray one for the other that we will heed the Apostle Paul’s admonition to "Put ye on the Lord Jesus Christ" (Rom. 13:14). Our abiding in our blessed Lord and His Word abiding in us is our hope of fulfilling our heavenly calling in this crisis hour, especially overcoming our sad failures in prayer.