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April 2012 Issue

Christ’s Victory At Calvary
By Wesley L. Duewel

Spiritual Victory Through Christ
By Rich Carmicheal

Our Responsibility Has Never Been Greater
By S. M. Zwemer

Undo The Devil’s Work
By W. C. Moore

Overcoming Opposition In Prayer
By F. J. Perryman

The Wonder Of His Name
Prayer And Fasting: Keys To Strong Faith
By Andrew Murray

The Authority Of The Blood
By C. Nuzum

Fasting With Prayer
Appropriating The Promises
By Victor M. Matthews

The King Is Near At Hand
By A. B. Simpson

Guarding The Minds Of Our Children (Doing Battle On Our Knees)
By Kim Butts

Samuel Morris – The Power Of A Spirit-Filled Life (Part 6) *


* This article is not available through the Herald website.