"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

The King Is Near At Hand

By A. B. Simpson

    We live in a very solemn time. We are on the threshold of the age to come, and at the close of the Christian dispensation. Never were times so momentous nor opportunities so extraordinary. We belong to that generation for which all the ages have been waiting, and all beings might well envy – the generation whose high calling it may be to welcome their returning King and herald around the world the tidings of His coming! God help us to redeem the time and be true to His high calling!

    We are living in an age when God is using not the mighty and the learned, but the humblest instrumentalities to do His work. He is choosing a people out of a people. He is taking the things that are weak and foolish, the things that are not, to bring to nought the things that are.

    No one need, therefore, say, "I am unfit. There is nothing I can do." All we need is the baptism of His Spirit, the power of His Presence, and He can use us mightily in our weakness and nothingness as witnesses to the Name of Jesus. The victory today is to be won by Gideon’s little band, the three hundred, and not by the thirty thousand.

    Finally, the polestar of all our effort is the Lord’s personal coming. He is near at hand! It is this that stirs our hearts. It is this that makes every sacrifice and toil seem little. He is so near, and His recompense will make amends for all. Oh, let us go forth with this all-animating hope, let us accept our great task and be worthy of the high honor He has given as co-workers with Himself!