"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Faith To Labor With God
Expect God To Help Us Do What He Wants Us To Do

By W. C. Moore

    The desperate conditions we face today – far from suggesting discouragement – should rather be a clarion challenge to our faith in God, something that will sting us into action that we may – and shall, meet the desperate conditions with a far more desperate faith in God and with a violence that takes the kingdom of heaven by force! (Matt. 11:12).

    God is a rewarder of them that diligently seek Him (Heb. 11:6). With these two basic facts in our minds and in our hearts let us, saints of the Living God, plunge into the battle to win for the Lamb of God the reward of His sufferings.

    The head does not work effectively without the body, and the body does not function properly without the head.

    Yoked up with our conquering Head, the Lord Jesus Christ, let us the church, His body on earth, be laborers together with Him in harvesting the precious souls for whom He died, before the night cometh when no man can work (John 9:4; 1 Cor. 3:9; Col. 1:18; Eph. 1:15-23).

    We should expect the Spirit of God to help us to accomplish the work that He wants us to do. Jesus says, "Have faith in God" (Mark 11:22), and He says, "If a man love Me, he will keep My words" (John 14:23).

    Let us, soldier-saints, in these testing days, obey the orders of our great Commander in Chief, the Lord Jesus Christ! Let us have faith in God, and turn deaf ears to the satanic lies, waverings, fears which the devil tries to inject into our hearts.

    Let us meditate on the Word of God day and night, and be so full of the Spirit of God and be so full of the Word of God, that every time the devil comes around, we will have the sword of the Spirit ready for him that we shall thrust at the devil – "It is written," "It is written," till the devil leaves us as he left Jesus in the wilderness (Matt. 4:1-11; Eph. 6:17).

    God means for us to have a conqueror’s tread, and to go forward under the glorious, never-defeated banner of our great Captain, Jesus, the Son of God – winning victories on the right hand and on the left hand in behalf of our own needs, and in the behalf of the needs of multitudes of others who are a prey of the terrible, and captives of the mighty (Isa. 49:23-25; Acts 10:38; John 17:18; John 14:12).

    O, true soldiers of the Lord (2 Tim. 2:3), POSSESS YOUR POSSESSIONS! (Obad. 17). Get it fixed in your mind and heart that the devil has GOT to go – he has GOT to loose his hold when you move against him, in Jesus’ name, in faith and persistence! In the conquering name of Jesus, drive the devil off the scene! "Resist the devil, and he will flee from you" (Jas. 4:7). He will flee from you, soldier of the cross. He has got to move as you resist him in Jesus’ name and on the authority of the Word of God!

God Gives – We Must Take!

    "Go up and possess the land which I have given you" (Deut. 9:23). "Rise ye up...behold, I have given into thine hand Sihon...and his land: begin to possess it, and contend with him in battle" (Deut. 2:24).

    Put your foot of faith right down on God’s promises, and refuse to budge! God has given you His promises for you to possess! "Every place that the sole of your foot shall tread upon, that have I given unto you" (Josh. 1:3).

    Put your foot down and take what God has given you – for spirit, soul, body, circumstances, and field of labor.


    If there are things that hinder your victory, ask the Lord to show you so that all stumbling blocks may be removed (Isa. 57:14), and then expect God to answer prayer! At one stage of the onward, conquering march of Joshua and the hosts of Israel something hindered victory, but Joshua got down before the Lord UNTIL He showed him how to remove the Achan from the camp and go ahead in glorious, triumphant victory!

    God is no respecter of persons. Believe Him to show you anything and everything that hinders your full and complete victory – then meet God’s conditions and enjoy His favor and His blessing on you and on your life’s work for Him.

Trust God for Revival!

    Let us pray and believe and labor night and day for a mighty prayed-down, Heaven-sent, God-glorifying, devil-defeating, sinner-convicting, saint-edifying, Holy Ghost revival – that will more than meet the desperate needs of a world of men and of the church of God.