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October 2012 Issue

Prayer Must Have Priority
By Armin Gesswein
A Prayer of Moses The Man Of God
Humility And Hope
By Rich Carmicheal
My Resolve
Prayer As Worship
By John MacArthur
Longing To Be Characterized By The Fruit Of The Spirit
By John MacArthur
We Must Give Time To God
By A. W. Tozer
Vision Of God's Holiness
By Leonard Ravenhill
The Night Cometh
By Alan Crawford
The Impact Of God’s Presence In Revival
Lessons From The Welsh Revivals (Part 3)
By Aeron Morgan
The Urgency Of Raising Up A Praying Generation
By Kim Butts
Marie Monsen – Among Pirates: The Faithfulness Of God (Part 1)
Lord Jesus – Dearer Than Life
By Lois J. Stucky