"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

A Prayer

    "Lord, give me, I pray Thee, the spirit of prayer, burn this in my heart day by day; make me to feel deeply the weight and the care, of perishing souls as I pray.

    "Oh, help me to love with compassionate love; to love till I weep with the pain, to travail in birth till the Lord from above, gives proof that I pray not in vain.

    "Oh, help me to feel more, to care more, to see the danger so many are in. My Lord, let this burden be heavy on me; these souls that are dying in sin.

    "Oh, Lord, make me pure, pure in heart as I pray, Thy blood is my title for this, forbid aught should hinder or stand in my way; forbid I should ask aught amiss.

    "Oh, Jesus, for souls let me pray, make it bliss to be on my knees before Thee; let nothing on earth give such pleasure as this, Lord, give this blessing to me.

    "Oh, Lord, in Thy Name, with Thy blood as my plea, I ask with my face in the dust; give me, as I seek, power to plead, Lord, with Thee: Lord, help me to covet this trust."