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Oil In Your Lamp

    No light shines of itself. Back of it somewhere is the source of illumination. If it is an oil lamp, then the oil supply must be kept up or the light fails.

    The Christian’s light is a very useful thing to himself and to all whom he meets. And how much this is needed in a world so dark, so dreary and full of fog and confusion!

    The ten virgins had oil in their lamps, but five of them allowed the supply to run so low that their lamps were "going out." They were not ready when the Bridegroom came. As serious to us as the prospect of our great disappointment is the fact that those who should see our light and should be guided and helped by it receive no such benefit.

    By prayer, by the careful reading of the Word, by watchfulness, by perfect obedience – keep the oil! Remember it is not enough to have oil once. Many have had it who today live in darkness. Oh, keep up the supply of oil in your lamp!