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Intercession Can Avert Judgment

By Al Whittinghill

    In our days the Lord is shaking everything that can be shaken so that the true value of the things that cannot be shaken will be clearly understood. God says "I am the Lord, I change not" (Mal. 3:6). Many people are desperate for REAL answers and have become open to the unchanging Truth of God’s Word. Current events and history seem to be trumpeting out the urgent message that "it is time to seek the Lord" (Hos. 10:12). In fact, it is way past time! Our land seems ripe for the imminent judgment of God. Who is foolish enough to deny that? But where are the voices of those crying out in the night watches of prayer and then heralding out what they have heard from Him to the people?

    It seems that restraint has been thrown to the wind and human society is speeding down "the way of all flesh" to oblivion. Warnings abound on every side, and the scriptural symptoms of divine displeasure flood our news media everyday. Everyone can sense it and has a deep awareness that "trouble is coming." These harbingers of impending judgment are seen as "problems" that man must solve, but the Bible says that "vain is the help of man" (Psa. 108:12). There will be no healing from the wounds of sin except from the Lord Himself. Our only hope will be found "in the Name of the Lord". The church must recover the revelation of God as He is, and then prayerfully and humbly turn radically to Him. We need revival! Otherwise America will soon follow the example of all the nations that have gone before that are no longer nations...because they "forgot God." God’s mercy will follow genuine repentance and sincere faith. It is our privilege to trumpet this message in the churches and to God’s people.

    In the days of Isaiah the people of God were languishing because they had turned from the reality of authentic intimacy with God. They were perplexed by the ongoing "difficulties" and lack of blessing that their carnality had caused. They came to Isaiah and asked him to inquire of the Lord why things were not getting better. God spoke a word to Isaiah that he gave to the people. We would do well to meditate on it. Read Isaiah 59:1-15 and see it as a stirring indictment of their day...and ours.

    God desires to show mercy and spoke verse 16 to them stating that He was "astonished" that there was no intercessor. He repeats this in Isaiah 63:5. Authentic intercession and effectual prayer by God’s people is what God has chosen and is waiting for to put in "the scales of justice" and stop imminent judgment when His holiness demands it!

    Only prayer offered at the Mercy Seat "In Jesus’ Name" can avert the certain judgment that His holiness requires when there is sin among God’s people, or in the land. As we "stand in the gap for the land" and stand with Jesus in His present ministry of prayer God often shows mercy. In Ezekiel’s day the Lord made these same principles of judgment very clear. Just read prayerfully the words of God in Ezekiel 22:23-31. Moses literally saved the nation over and over by his mighty intercessions on their behalf.

    "Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need" (Heb. 4:16). Let us pray! The Lord waits to be gracious.

    – Taken from March 2011 issue of Kneemail. Used by permission.