"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Praying For Revival

By A. E. Reinschmidt

    Our most serious need is revival. If we do not have that, nothing else will matter. But when you say to this one and that one, "Let us pray unitedly and continuingly, ‘with one accord in one place’ (Acts 2:1) till revival comes," they all with one consent begin to say, "I am too busy." And they are busy. And with important things, too.

    But if we do not get desperate and put aside some important things for the most important thing – prayer for revival – none of those other things will have been worth the doing. Without revival most of our present program of work will go for naught.

    In times of drought, farmers plow, harrow, and sow their seed, only to see their crops burned up for lack of moisture. How foolish we are to "work our fields" only to have a "crop failure" because so few will take time to pray for the "rain" of revival! Even if we were to spend a few hours a week in prayer, we could save our crops. But rather than pray, we let everything burn up for want of "rain." There is a spiritual principle that says we must pray – or perish!

    It is the will of God that we pray – every one of us. "Our work" is no excuse for not praying! If we do not pray more, "our work" will be "wood, hay, stubble" and will rise up against us in the judgment (1 Cor. 3:12-15).