"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Live With Eternity’s Values In View

By F. B. Meyer

    If we do the little duties of life faithfully, punctually, thoughtfully, reverently – not for the praise of man, but for the "Well done" of Christ; not for the payment we may receive, but because God has given us a little piece of work to do in His great world; not because we must, but because we choose; not as the slaves of circumstances, but as Christ’s freed ones – then far down beneath the surge of common life the foundations of a character are laid, more beautiful and enduring than coral, which shall presently rear itself before the eyes of men and angels, and become an emerald islet, green with perennial beauty, and vocal with the songs of Paradise.

    We ought, therefore, to be very careful how we fulfill the common tasks of daily life. We are making the character in which we have to spend eternity. We are either building into ourselves wood, hay and stubble which will have to be burnt out at great cost; or the gold, silver and precious stones, that shall be things of beauty and joy forever.