"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."


By J. C. Ryle

    "Take ye heed, watch and pray...lest coming suddenly He find you sleeping.  What I say unto you I say unto all, Watch!" (Mark 13:33, 36-37).

    WATCH against the leaven of false doctrine. Remember that Satan can transform himself into an angel of light. Remember that bad money is never marked bad, or else it would never pass. Be very jealous for the whole truth as it is in Jesus. Do not put up with a grain of error merely for the sake of a pound of truth. Do not tolerate a little false doctrine one bit more than you would tolerate a little sin. WATCH AND PRAY!

    WATCH against slothfulness about Bible study and private prayer. There is nothing so spiritual but we may at last do it formally. Most backslidings began in the closet. When a tree is snapped in two by a high wind, we generally find there had been some hidden decay. WATCH AND PRAY!

    WATCH against bitterness and uncharitableness toward others. A little love is more valuable than many gifts. Be eagle-eyed in seeing the good that is in your brethren and dim-sighted as the mole about evil. Let your memory be a strong box for their graces, but a sieve for their faults. WATCH AND PRAY!

    WATCH against pride and self-conceit. Peter said at first, "Though all deny Thee, yet will not I." Presently he fell. Pride is the high road to fall. WATCH AND PRAY!

    WATCH against the sins of Galatia, Ephesus and Laodicea. Believers may run well for a season and lose their first love and then become lukewarm (Gal. 3:3; 5:15; Rev. 2:4-5; 3:15-18). WATCH AND PRAY!

    Let us watch for the world’s sake. We are the books they chiefly read. They mark our ways far more than we think. Let us aim to be living epistles of the Lord Jesus Christ.

    Let us watch for our own sakes. As our walk is, so will be our peace. Above all, let us watch for our Lord Jesus Christ’s sake. Let us live as though His glory was concerned in our behavior. Let us live as though every slip and fall was a reflection on the honor of our Lord. Let us live as though every allowed sin was one more thorn in His head – one more nail in His feet.

    Oh, let us exercise godly jealousy over thoughts, words, and actions, over motives, manners and walk! Never, never let us think we can watch too much. "None of us is more than half awake!"