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Your Children Reject Your Training

By Albert J. Gray

    Children of God-fearing parents have often pushed their parents aside in total rejection of their parents’ lifestyle and of their parents’ Saviour. The temptation to the parent is to be bitter, to feel defeated and to quit praying for their children.

    But if ever those children needed praying for, it is at such a time as this. If ever those children are to be won to the Lord, it is by your prayers. They may reject what you have taught them. They may never open their Bibles. They may close their ears to all sermons. But there is no way they can shut out the effective arm of God in answer to prayer. This is your one effective weapon. "Mother’s prayers have followed me the whole world through."

    Do not add your sin to the sin of your children – "God forbid that I should sin against the Lord in ceasing to pray for you" (1 Sam. 12:23). To cease to pray is to sin against God’s mercy.

    Some parents have said, "I have given up on my children!" But, God has not given up on them. God never gave up on you in your teen years – or difficult years whenever they were. You have prayed in the past and God has already been at work in their lives and His answer is on the way. Your children may be nearer to repentance than you think!

    Be "tough," Mother and Dad. Keep praying. If you do not pray for your child, who will? There may not be a single person in all the world to pray for them if you quit. Be courageous. Be faithful.

    – Adapted from Christian Victory.