"Dedicated to strengthening and encouraging the Body of Christ."

Pass God’s Word Along

By Lois J. Stucky

    Some years ago I was present in a small congregation when a distinguished Chinese Christian leader visiting this country from Hong Kong was to speak about spiritual conditions in his home country. After he took the pulpit and his eyes swept over those gathered there, he stood for some moments with bowed head, seeking to control his emotions. In that congregation he had recognized the sweet, smiling faces of several missionaries, now bearing the white hair and wrinkles of age, who had preached the Gospel in China when he was a young man. When he was able to speak, his voice was soft and broken as he expressed heartfelt gratitude to those who had brought the Gospel to him and his countrymen. Equally heartfelt must have been the inner rejoicing of the retired missionaries to see firsthand the precious, priceless fruit of their sacrifice of leaving dear ones behind, and braving the unknown and difficult to carry the matchless story of God’s redeeming love to ones in spiritual darkness.

    It was a moving moment for us all to be reminded of the debt of gratitude each of us owes to ones who cared for our souls and were willing to pay a price to do something serious about it. Gratitude goes first of all to God who gave His only Son for our redemption, and to the Son who gave His life at unspeakable cost and to the Holy Spirit who convicted and by whom we were born again into the family of God. Then there are others, perhaps parents or grandparents, or our childhood Sunday school teachers, youth leaders, pastors, etc., who helped us into the kingdom of God.

    How can we discharge such a debt of gratitude? It is a debt no one can fully repay, but we can move in that direction by passing the Gospel to others as someone has passed it to us. It could be costly to do so, but is it not worth some sacrifice to help others become "people of God," to help them come "out of darkness into His marvelous light" (1 Pet. 2:9-10) and to be delivered from eternal fire to priceless eternal life?

    A Nigerian brother wrote to Herald of His Coming: "May God continue to bless you as you hold the divine light for us to see the path of true life, righteousness and salvation in this age, worldwide." What a privilege Christians have not only of possessing "divine light" on our pathway but of holding it high for others to see the path of true life, righteousness and salvation which we have found to be the best way, the only way to abundant life here and now and to inherit God’s gift of life eternal. We who have the true, divine light cannot but ask ourselves in our serious, thoughtful moments, "What more can we do to hold the light aloft?" This is an hour when there are many antichrists spreading false messages in the world, lies of Satan. How vital it is to spread the truths of God’s Word! And we Christians have it in our hands to do so.

Look for Open Doors!

    We are instructed by Acts 1:8 to begin with our Jerusalem. If we do not see an open door around us, ask God to open one for us. He might call our attention to one next door or across the street. Look for open doors throughout our community or it may be we need to pray them open.

    If you would find it helpful, write to Herald of His Coming for literature to distribute to give you a greater outreach. Right Choice is a publication for unsaved people and is not a periodical. Herald of His Coming is published monthly and is primarily for Christians, calling to holy living and prayer for revival and for readiness for Christ’s coming again – a timely message that needs to be spread far and wide. You are welcome to write and request a package of either or both of these publications to share with others. If writing for Herald of His Coming, please specify whether you want a monthly package or a one-time package. If some article stirs your heart especially, write us for extra copies of that issue, or send us lists of names and addresses – clearly written, up-to-date and accurate – to whom we may send a sample copy or a monthly copy.

    Let us lift our sights high! God’s messages are for the nations. "God so loved the world...." We thank the Lord for doors He has opened to Herald of His Coming to spread His eternal Word in many places around the world. Through the generosity of you dear friends who support the Herald ministry we have been privileged to enter together into a good number of these opportunities. Knowing that there are doors which are on the verge of swinging shut for the regular means of preaching the Gospel adds urgency to our mission.

    Vital help also is provided through the prayers of you dear friends who pray for the Herald ministry regularly. Will you please pray for us at this time for additional funds so that the mailings may go out regularly and liberally? Currently there have been some delays due to lack of funding. Please join us also in asking that the messages be divinely anointed for an ever-deeper, life-changing impact on readers. We thank you!

    "Declare [God’s] glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples" (Psa. 96:3).