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A New Year’s Covenant For Christians

    Who are those willing, if so led, to covenant with each other and with God to enlist for life for daily prayer as God enables for the following objects:

    1. A revival in my own heart – complete personal surrender to the will of God, and the daily infilling of the Holy Spirit for personal soul winning service.

    2. A revival in my own home – the establishment and maintenance of the family altar and the salvation of every member of my family.

    3. A revival everywhere among humanity – in my church, in my neighborhood, in the home land and in foreign lands – a worldwide revival.

    Heart, Home and Humanity – All for Christ!

Every Christian Should Have a Prayer List

    Going to God for sinners must precede going to sinners for God. It would be well for every Christian to have a prayer list and to ask the Holy Spirit very definitely for the names of those whom God would have him put on that list.

    Almost every revival, and even conversion, could probably be traced to someone’s prayer list, or to several prayer lists. There is no surer way than this to start a revival, whether in the home, or church, or community.

    Will not you, dear friend, ask the Holy Spirit for the names of those whom He would have you place on your list, then pray daily for them in the Spirit, claiming definitely God’s promises: 1 John 5:14-15; Matthew 6:6; John 15:7-8; Psalm 126:5-6; James 5:16-20, and other similar promises. If you are faithful, you may be sure that in God’s own time results will follow.

    – Originally published by the Great Commission Prayer League